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Added: 13/12/2007 - 12:50AM
Updated: 04/01/2013 - 12:28AM

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mjy Nibenay castle

A luxury castle mod [ house ], come in 2 version, 1 free other u need to find the keys to open the doors, u need to buy maps at the castle merchant, 25-30 rooms, added a 200 k
buyout map for the location of all key`s

a teleporting spell to get u to the castle and the last place u`ve been

tons of places to store your loot and most of the rooms are
easy to get to, i wanted a castle with easy ascess to most rooms

if u want to play the free castle pluging get the 2 download

[1] mjy nibenay castle [full pluging]

[2] the v.2 and add-on

*** the buy the castle is not included in the v.2, but still work if u just use the full, as only minor stuff in v.2

castle has been moved to be compatible with frostcrag wizard tower and others on the gnoll mountain

u should do a back up of your saved file and test if it works, if u got weird stuff[wrong files in wrong places]etc , then u should do a clean saved, i played,tortured it
with lots of pluging, no prob. but back up is safe way to
play with mods.

why the heck the castle isn`t full of npc, 2 answers

1, beth. needs to beef up there engine, hehe so we can add tons of more stuff and have real life people in the game, hey it might be possible in like 20 years , lol

2. the real answer is i wanted most to be able to play it,
not possible to add all the npc i wanted and still have a good fps, the first pluging had all the npc in it, but just a few npc took a lot of fps away, so, clean out a lot of npc
i can still add about 2-3 npc per/room, and still have good
fps, but that is v.3, if i ever make it

game isn`t made to get lots of npc, why!! ,well the meshes are way to high in poly for the own good, to many poly count that should not be there

was built at the time to use the furniture and npc mod [add npc ,buy furniture]to the castle, wasn`t sure how the inside would hold out with a good fps[lots of npc,etc]

6 secret rooms

added files,[ fix up normal map for castle nibenay part1 ]

fix up the normal map, made then more deeper, u do not need them, but if u want deeper bump mapping then u can add these in, it also make some places brighter, like paintings, some rooms needs the lighting to be fix with these new bump map,as it might be to much bump mapping in some areas

v.2 update and add-on

this is for the free version only, didn`t bother to do the key quest one, as i figured if u are using it, u prob got all keys by now

[1] fix up the blacksmith,

He sells the new stuff for a good price, not cheap as there about the strengh of the top swords, well the top sword u can just go into a dungeon and get one easily, so there expensive enough if u don`t cheat u will get the swords at a higher lv

[2] added a book seller to the library, now u can buy them and make a collection, also u can`t take them out of the library or u could get caught, but still can read them all around the library, bookseller is ok with that

[3] fix up the lock door from the inn to the harem

if u feel there isn`t to much npc there, because i didn`t want to go to far with how much stuff i can put in there, med to low comp might be able to run it, easy way for u to fix it, use a mod that lets u get npc to follow u then drop them in castle

-> thx for the simple rating, now i can see where i fit in, thx