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Adds new animations and reactions to NPC\'s and Player Character. This replaces personality idles 3. Also adds the option of instant actions and ability to change default idle at any time. Lute playing added and more.

Permissions and credits
Personality Idles 4
Author Dereko

To Clarify this is not a pose mod (although I suppose you could use it for that) This changes npc and player reaction animations. Including player animated reactions to cold or weather in snowing areas and being wounded enough (arms hunched to keep warm in snowing areas ect). As well as npc physical reactions to fame/infamy faction ect. It also allows you to have better control over your character allowing them to sleep, eat sit on ground play a lute ect. Although there are some menus you can choose to use, This mod more integrates this into game play rather than strictly a menu driven pose type mod. You can also change your default idle at any time and use almost all features on companions and more.


download main file then simply choose only ONE fix file. There is an explanation of what each fix file does.

If in doubt download main file then p4finalfixes4. Install the main file then P4finalfixes4.


p4finalfixesall.rar file fixes the following issues:

-replaces the old wave animation with one that does not loop.

-adds the proper lute texture

-adds an icon for the lute.

-Adds new male dance animation or action
-Adds the 3 cheering animations as actions
- Adds an additional Song for (Song 7 is now an expert song)
-No Gaurds at all will dance when playing the lute at expert level.
-Seperate Dancing animation for male npc's when playing lute at expert level.

The p4finalfixesallns.rar

fixes all of the above but does not contain the new song for the lute for those that want all the fixes but not the added song.

(To stop playing the lute click on the song choice menu and click cancel).

What's new?
added 29 new animations poses

-added new actions
-added new default idles
-added new npc idles
-tweaked famous and infamous conditions for idles (companions will not react on your fame or infamy anymore)
-changed wave for famous (short wave)
-increased chance to 50% to pat horse when on horse.
-added lute and lute playing animation with ability to play songs (included)
-Npc's will automatically dance when playing lute at at expert level.
-fixed problem with companions under 50 health always playing the wounded idle
governed by level
10th level or under wounded idle kicks in at 20 health or lower
20th level or under 50 health or lower
40th level or higher 100 health or lower
-basic actions and menu activators automatically put in inventory starting game.

- new system to initiate immediate animations (optional use)

*note this is for those that may not wish to wait the standard 15 seconds or so for an animation to kick in. Or want greater control of what their character does.
Even though you can I would not recommend using this to inititate a idle constantly (the standard pose your character always assumes) as in using this system you can't get out of the idle by drawing a weapon you have to get out using the menu. Although if you want to for whatever reason you can it will not cause any problems.

To use this metheod

first click on and highlight the action you wish to perform in your inventory window example (A)eat

Then click on "Do Action" in your inventory (misc item section) (I would highly recommend to hot key this for ease
of use). You'll get a menu saying "Initiate immediate action? yes or no". choose yes and your character immediately goes into that action. To choose another action just highlight a different action such as (A)sit female and again click on the "Do Action" in inventory (misc item section) choose "yes"and your player will immediately go into the new pose or animation. To get out of the pose or animation choose "Do Action" again and choose "No"..wait a second and this will free up or set your player to their default stance. (any settings you have for a custom idle will still be intact).

* Hotkey If you assign the hotkey to "Do action" it is much more convenient you just open your inventory highlight an action, then hit your hot key choose yes and your animation starts.

* (If you don't want to use this system you don't have to it's just an added feature I added... you can still initiate
an action as you did in version 3 by just choosing it in the inventory screen example "(A)eat" and wait motionless for up to 15 seconds as before.

New System to change or swap your default idle

click on it and choose your idle in the menu, you can change your idle as many times as you want.


Read the readme files included.

********* Last Update History **************************
Fixed a small issue with the wounded idle not playing for player, between levels 11 and 19.

Bugs issues

Make sure you are out of an idle before swimming or getting on a horse or you will get unfavorable results such as the bottom half of your character swimming and the top half still in idle

I no longer support "Actors in charge" or any mod that changes animations as these will conflict. However I have backdated my esp's so that most mods that force animations should still work with this mod.

As a general rule if you want to use both this mod should have an older date.

You may encounter the Oblivion bug that causes the characters mouth to freeze open, this is a game bug fortunately it is rare if this occurs just save and exit the game and restart.

CorePc (for the generous use of the lute mesh and animation)
EFG animations
JOJO animations
OSR animations
Seph (Male dancing animation)
Wolfhound (for scripting advice)