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*Coming soon - GYR 2017 - complete rewrite - see discussion sticky for more*

Current version: Adds a spell 'Gather Ye Rosebuds', which will harvest nearby flora and pick up nearby ingredients, whether vanilla Oblivion or added by mods.

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*Coming soon - GYR 2017 - complete rewrite - see discussion sticky for more*
I've uploaded some teaser screenshots showing some aspects of the new version.
Bear in mind that they are NOT from the current version... yet...

Note: Version 1.0 of this mod is still available for download and works with OBSE v0013, but is missing the latest functions, which require OBSE v0014. Just in case you're not an early-adopter and want to let OBSE v14 settle down before you upgrade to it.

Name: Gather Ye Rosebuds
Version: 1.1
Date: 20/January/2008
Category: Spells
Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) version v0014 or higher
Recommended: Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
Recommended: Harvest [Flora]
Author: Wolfhound
Source: http://www.TESNexus.Com

Important Note:
As with any mod you wish to install, please make a few savegames first, and be prepared to go back to that point if the mod causes you any problems.

Adds three levels of a new spell 'Gather Ye Rosebuds', which when cast will harvest nearby flora and pick up nearby ingredients, whether part of Vanilla Oblivion or added by a mod.

The range of the spell depends on which level you use; on your skill in Alchemy and Mysticism; and your Luck. You also get a distance bonus if you have a Hand Scythe
or two in your inventory.

Requires the Oblivion Script Extender version 0014 or later - get the latest version here http://obse.silverlock.org.

The three levels of spell are...

Gather Ye Rosebuds:
A Novice level spell available to all from Edgar's Discount Spells in the Market District. As Edgar himself would say, "You gets what you pays for", so it is a feeble version, and only works for flora and ingredients within a short distance of you. It can detect but not harvest Nirnroot. It will tell you if there are any nearby.

Gather Ye More Rosebuds:
A higher level spell available from The Mystic Emporium in the Market District. Only available to those whose combined Alchemy + Mysticism is 100 or more. The range it will harvest and pick up is considerably more than the first level spell. It can detect Nirnroot and will guide you towards the nearest one.

Gather Ye Max Rosebuds:
The highest level spell, available from A Warlock's Luck in Bravil. Only available to the elite - your combined Alchemy + Mysticism must be 160 or more. The range it will harvest and pick up is considerably more than the second level spell. It can detect Nirnroot and will guide you towards the nearest one.
BE WARNED: when you cast this top-level spell, it enrages all hostile creatures within range, and they will immediately start to track you down with the intention of kicking your butt.

None of the spells will steal. If you're not authorised to harvest a plant or pick up an ingredient, the spell will ignore it. If you want to steal, you can't expect an honest spell-maker to help you!

All three spells will open a temporary container after harvesting, to show you the ingredients you have harvested and picked up. This is just for display purposes, and all
ingredients will be transferred to your inventory when you close the container, regardless of whether you 'take' them or not.

To provide some balance, I've imposed a 'Stunted Magicka' penalty (as suggested by Leandro Conde) with each spell. It is most severe with the low-level spell, and only a light penalty with the high level spell.

There is a chance you will lose a Hand Scythe from your inventory when you cast the spell, and therefore lose the distance bonus it gives you. This chance decreases
with the higher level spells.

This mod consists of an .esp and a readme only, so installation is a doddle.
1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable 'Gather Ye Rosebuds.esp'.
Alternatively, use OBMM to enable it.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck 'Gather Ye Rosebuds.esp'.
2. Delete 'Gather Ye Rosebuds.esp' and 'Gather Ye Rosebuds Readme.txt'
The only effect of uninstalling is you'll lose the spell.

Future development
Over to you for any ideas you might have...

Conflicts & Incompatibility
Hopefully none.
It works best with Harvest [Flora], as discussed under Issues below. And it should have no trouble harvesting any flora or picking up ingredients that are added by mods.
I don't have Shivering Isles, so I have no idea if it works ok with SI's flora, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't

Known Issues or Bugs
Although this mod does not require you to use Harvest [Flora], I would highly recommend that you install that mod. Why? Without H[F], you won't be able to tell what area you have already cleared, and you'll have no idea of the spell's range unless you laboriously check flora for the 'activate' icon. It works fine without Harvest [Flora] but is definitely less aesthetically pleasing.

v0.5 09 December 2007: Beta release for testing and feedback.
v0.9 02 January 2008: Improved Beta version - close to a release candidate.
v0.91 03 January 2008: Tweaked the balance to make it more useful for low level chars
v1.0 04 January 2008: First official release. Added Nirnroot-homing, Hand Scythe losing,
tweaked the low-level spell range a bit more.
v1.1 20 January 2008: Now picks up nearby ingredients as well; added a check to prevent stealing; reduced ranges for the two lower level spells; Top-level spell now attracts hostile creatures; Extra distance bonus if you have a second Hand Scythe.

Other info
Contact details, credits etc in the readme.