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About this mod

FF Real Thirst adds water sources and a water consumption dependency to new or existing Oblivion characters.

Permissions and credits
If you are upgrading from a previous version, all you need is the FF_Real_Thirst_v120_Upgrade file. New users will need the FF_Real_Thirst_v120_Full file.

IMPORTANT! If you are upgrading, make sure your character isn't thirsty before switching to the new ".esp" to avoid character stats corruption.


mod and readme by FritZ_FretZ

This mod requires the TES:IV Shivering Isles expansion and its associated patch v1.2.416

This mod also requires the use of OBSE v0013 or later. OBSE, Oblivion Script Extender, is available for download at http://obse.silverlock.org/

What this mod does:

FF Real Thirst adds water sources and a water consumption dependency to new or existing Oblivion characters.


Unzip the contents of the "FF_Real_Thirst_v1.20_Full.zip" archive (for new installations) or "FF_Real_Thirst_v1.20_Upgrade.zip" archive (for existing installations) to your Oblivion\Data folder. If asked to overwrite, click "Yes to All". Enable the FF_Real_Thirst.esp via OBMM or the Oblivion launcher.

If you are upgrading, make sure your character isn't thirsty before switching to the new ".esp" to avoid character stats corruption.


To insure proper character stats, it is vital that you follow these steps:

1) Equip your character with the "Ring of Tweaking" or type "StartQuest aFFRTUninstallQuest" into console. Select the uninstall option.

2) After receiving confirmation, save your game to a new slot.

3) Exit Oblivion and disable the FF_Real_Thirst.esp via OBMM or the Oblivion launcher.

4) Start Oblivion and load the game you saved above.

5) Save again to a new slot.

6) You may, at your discretion, remove all "FFRealThirst" sub-folders from your Oblivion\Data folder; Check the archive for sub-folder file paths.


What this mod changes:

FF Real Thirst changes all static wells in the stock game into activators from which you may either take a drink or fill your waterskins.

What this mod adds:

FF Real Thirst adds wells to those places you would likely find them, but weren't there in the stock game; e.g. Inns, settlements and cities. It also adds rainbarrels as water sources at every outdoor area you can find a bed; Mainly campsites. It adds portable camping gear including a portable rainbarrel, purchasable as a package from any of the eight general traders in Tamriel. It adds a one time "sinkable well" for mod added housing use, also available from the general traders. It adds one waterskin and a drinking cup to the PC's inventory when initially activated. It adds additional waterskins and placeable water kegs that may be purchased from the game's general traders. It adds bottled water, available for purchase from all stock inns and taverns. Most of all though, FF Real Thirst adds immersion to the Oblivion playing experience. Your character will now get thirsty and her stats will decrease until satiated.

How it all works:

The beginning - Using your new waterskin:

When you first active FF_Real_Thirst your character will receive a "Drinking Cup" and a full waterskin, added to the "miscellanious" portion of your character's inventory. Each waterskin holds eight servings of water. To take a drink from the waterskin, click on the "Drinking Cup". If you have at least one serving of water in a waterskin in your inventory, your character will take a drink, decreasing that waterskin's available water by one serving. Note that your character may not drink from her waterskin if in combat.

Filling waterskins / Drinking from water sources:

Waterskins may be filled five different ways. First you may activate a well. Using this means allows you to refill all the waterskins in your inventory. You may also choose to merely take a drink from the well. Secondly, you may attempt to fill a single waterskin from a rainbarrel. If successful, that particular rainbarrel will take between 24 and 48 game hours to refill (This includes the camp gear rainbarrel). Attempting to fill a waterskin without success does not reset the refill timer... try it ... you might get lucky ;)Alternately, if the rainbarrel contains enough potable water to fill a waterskin, you may drink from it as many times as you wish without worry of reset. Thirdly, you may find a flowing water source, i.e. a waterfall. To fill your waterskin from a flowing water source, take it out of inventory, hold it in the source and activate it to return it to your inventory. You may fill as many waterskins as you wish using this means, but you must fill them one at a time. Flowing water sources may not be used to obtain a single drink. The fourth method is by using a water keg. Placeable water kegs are available for purchase from the game's general traders. The water keg functions in the same way as a well. Finally, your character may gather snow to melt in a melting pot. These melting pots are only found in snowy regions (the camping fireplace will also work for this, see below for details). Activate the melting pot to begin the process of refilling your waterskin. Again, you may purchase as many waterskins as you see fit for your character from the eight stock-game general traders, plus the two added by the SI expansion.

Bottled water:

Bottled water is available for purchase from all inns and taverns and may be found in food containers as well. Each bottle contains one serving of water. As opposed to drinking from a waterskin, bottled water may used to take a drink during combat.

Getting thirsty - The character's perspective:

When your character begins to get thirsty, she will cough and a message will be displayed indicating her desire to take a drink of water. The text portion of the message may be turned off using RT's "Ring of Tweaking". Initially, the cough is very light and the message is more of a passing thought in nature. This initial indication will happen prior to any stat damage. Thirst level affects all of your character's stats; very slowly at first, however as your character's thirst grows, her cough indicating advancing thirst will become more severe and the messages will become more dire. Stats penalties will also increase dramaticly. If your character goes without water for too long, she will eventually die. Note that once your character is thirsty enough to incur stat damage, the damage will continue to accumulate, one point at a time, at an increasing rate.

More on "Thirst Alerts" - new for v1.20
Thirst alerts (coughs and text messages, if you choose to display them) are given based on the thirst ratio, i.e current thirst level/ max thirst level. These alerts are guaranteed to be given at 5%, 10%, 20% thirst levels and in increments of 10% onward. Also, for every 2% increase in thirst level between these 10% increments, the character stands a 50% chance of coughing due to thirst. By default your character will incur a 15% penalty to their sneak skill for 3 seconds when they cough. You may disable this penalty with the "Ring of Tweaking" if you so desire.

Getting Thirsty - The nuts and bolts of it:

Your character's level of thirst is determined by two factors. First is the static factor. This factor represents the onset of thirst based purely on the passage of time. Second is the dynamic factor. This factor is based on the ratios (current/max) of both fatigue and magicka. So, if your character spends her day walking around the IC shopping, she will not get thirsty as often as she would fighting, running, jumping and casting spells. Additionally, by default your character's thirst only increases by half its normal static rate while sleeping. The character's thirst level is cumulative and can only be reduced by drinking water. Thirst level and its associated stat penalties are based on a quadratic curve (the Excel file included shows how the data relates), so initially the stat penalties will start very small, but the longer the character goes without water, the faster they will add up. The value of a drink of water also changes with thirst level. The thirstier the character is the greater the value of a drink of water.

Camping gear:

The camping gear is available from the eight general traders in Tamriel; It is NOT available in the Shivering Isles (However it can be used there). The camping gear set is composed of six items:

1) Tent: A portable place to sleep. I couldn't imagine using FF_Real_Thirst without a sleep mod. At this point I'd recommend "Real Sleep" available on TESNexus at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13588

2) Table w/chest: A portable table with integral chest. This is a must for camping alchemists. Use this in conjunction with "At Home Alchemy" available on TESNexus at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5478

3) Stool: Every camper needs a place to sit and rest... for added immersion try "Smokable Pipe Mod" available on TESNexus at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11892

4) Chest: A must have for any adventurer. A placable chest allows your character to safely store valuable loot wherever they wish.

5) Fireplace: Provides light for the campsight. It can also be used to melt snow into water to refill waterskins (if in a snowy region).

6) Rainbarrel: A portable version of the rainbarrels found in wilderness camps. Invauable to those that like to "rough-it" or require a drinking source beyond those available.

All camping pieces operate using the same basic priciples as follows:

a) Remove the placer item from your character's inventory.

b) Adjust the placer to the location desired.

c) Activating the placer item from a standing posture will "place" the item. Activating the placer item from a sneaking posture will return the item to your inventory.

d) Once placed, activating the item from a standing posture will choose the default activation; i.e. chest - will open the chest, tent - will open the sleep menu, etc...

e) Once placed activating the item from a sneaking posture will give you the choice to "Break camp" or perform the default activation. Choosing "Break camp" will change the "placed" item into the "placer item" and the next activation, regardless of posture, will put the placer item back into your character's inventory.

f) A note on all items other than the camp chest; The incline of the ground plays a part in the ability to place camping equipment. If the ground is not level enough, your equipment will not be "placed", and a messge box will inform you to find a more suitable location. Two options are available here. First, do as suggested and find a flatter piece of ground to set camp on. Second, if you can, try to "fudge" level by holding the placer in position while activating it. If the ground "appears" to be level enough to camp on, this will probably work. It takes a bit of practice, but so does setting up a camp, right? I personally love this feature... frankly it turned out to be more than I ever expected... Enjoy!!!

The Real Thirst "Ring of Tweaking"

When you start using RT your character will receive a "Ring of Tweaking". Equipping the ring on your character will open a menu that will allow you to do several things. You may adjust the thirst rates based on fatigue/magicka. You may also set the static rate of thirst accumulation and the rate while sleeping. You can adjust the value of a drink of water as well. All of these are based on percentages of the default values, so it's suggested that you play with the default values in place for several hours before making adjustments. The menu also offers the option to declare the first stage in which you would like to receive a text message along with the "cough" audio queue. RT keeps a running total of "thirst points", based on the default settings, that fatigue and magicka contribute towards thirst level. You can view their average daily contribution from this menu as well. This menu allows you to enable/disable sneak penalties due to coughing from thirst. Finally, if you choose to uninstall RT, you may use the final option to initiate the uninstall procedure.



I would recommend using a time scale of no more than 12 when using this mod. Anything greater than a value of 12 will probably cause your character to get thirsty too often.

Mods to use in conjunction with FF Real Thirst:

I highly recommend the use of these mods in addition to FF Real Thirst to get a fully immersive gaming experience -

Real Hunger v1.5.5 or later available from TESNexus at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13565

Real Sleep available from TESNexus at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13588

Realistic Fatigue available from TESNexus at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10925

=Compatability/Known Issues=

*This mod is NOT compatable with Vim & Vigor in any of its versions.

*For players using characters born under the Atronach birthsign, it is suggested that they use the "Ring of Tweaking" to set the magicka based thirst rate to zero and increase the fatigue based thirst rate to 200% initially and tune to their preferences from there.

*No other compatability issues known.

=Version History=

Complete re-write of the way thirst is calculated and penalties are assessed. Re-wrote the way "thirst alerts" (coughing and messages) are given and added a short duration sneak penalty when coughing. This new alert functionality should fall more in sync with the new thirst system. Added placeable water keg that function in the same way as a well. Added new sound for taking a drink. Added several more options to the "Real Thirst Ring of Tweaking" menu. Included an Excel spreadsheet illustrating stats drain curve.

Adds the "Real Thirst Ring of Tweaking" to your character's inventory. When equipped, it will open a user interface to modify the the various rates that make your character thirsty. Note that modifications are based on the default rates, so it is suggested that the player use this mod for several hours before attempting to modify them.

v1.00 Initial release

Special thanks to ABO, author of "Realistic Fatigue" among others, for having the patience to help me understand the value of contiuous functions. Extra special thanks go out to Gravy, who also had the patience to give good advice until I took it ;) and helped immensely through input and play-testing, in getting version 1.20's thirst code just right.

Thanks go out to all those who provided input at the elderscrolls forum in "Delte's Immersion Mods" thread and a very special thanks to Delte himself, without whose inspiration this mod would never have been created.

Most of the contents of this mod were extracted from FF Vim & Vigor Overhauled. Thanks go out once again to Kearsage, the original creator of V&V, for allowing me the opportunity to add to his fine work.