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A simple, typical, \'big house\' mod with some nice details.

Permissions and credits
::Update 1.1::

List of changes:

- Rearranged exterior torches
- Added a quest to obtain the house(currently doesn't work, so it's still free)
- Adjusted lighting in a couple of places
- Added altar of spellmaking/enchanting
- New "cellar" area
- Removed a few display cases from the "private rooms" area
- Fixed all path grids


If this is your first time downloading, get both files, install the first one normally and replace the original esp file with the 1.1 esp file.

If you're updating from 1.0...
Put the new .esp in the Data folder, disable the old one on the data files menu. Enable the new one. If you have items stored in the cellar, remove them before installing the new version. They will be GONE if you don't.


This mod adds a house on the Imperial City Isle.
See screenshots for more details.

Shivering Isles is needed (confirmed).

To get to the house, exit the imperial city towards the bridge and take the first left after the stables.

Here's what's included in the readme, as well as install information.


- Currently, the house is free. In later versions there may be a quest required to obtain access. Later versions may also include a different layout for the "study" and "cellar" so keep an eye out!

- All containers :SHOULD: be safe.

- Edited cells include: (01, 18) (01, 17) (01, 16) (01, 15) (00, 17) (00, 16) (00, 15) .. 01, 17 is the renamed to "Imperial City Island Estate" and shows up on the map.

- Includes lots of display areas (:


- Credit for custom paintings goes to google! If any of these images are yours and you do not wish them to be used in this mod, email me ([email protected]) and I will remove them.

- All credit for custom textures goes to me.

- This mod should only be downloaded from The Elder Scrolls Nexus! Do not host it elsewhere without mypermission!