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An Subterrainian exansion for the imperial city. Is supposed to be located between ground level and the sewers. V1.5 this Includes lowers to all the impeerial city and is pretty much all the buildings have been populated.

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1,5 has now been uploaded It's avalible as a complete mod only. .rar or omod

There has been a correction to v1.5 This is that one of teh doors in the guard tower went to a random place. now it goes where its' supposed to. This is in V.5 if it's downloaded now. If you downloaded V1.5 Before you'll need to download the correction. This is just an updated .ESP Just extract it to you data folder and overright the existing .ESP

An Subterrainian exansion for the imperial city. Is supposed to be located between ground level and the sewers.
Link to piccys. (a couple more added 15/12/07)

There is a small addon avalible for the waterfront district it adds a light to the lighhouse, and some guards which patrol the cresent wall of the water front. Along with a few little extra things.

A Small hamlet with a brewery and a pub located between the imperial city and Cheydinhal.

V1.5 All teh buildings in the arboretum and temple districts have been populated. along with signs for all the stores that didn't have any.

Read the Readme for a fuller list of updates.

Adds An exterior to the Arboretum and Temple district.
Four Houses have been populated in the Lower Arboretum District.
A Hosptal has been added to the Lower Temple distrcit, With most of it's interior added.
A shop has also been added to the Lower Temple District.
Numerouse additions have been made to both the inner and outer Lower Talos districts.

Raised Lights in The lower talos pLaz so thier touching the ceiling
Populated all the buildings in the Inner talos PLaza.
open outer talos PLaza and added populated a couple of the buildings there.
incorporeted the Ismelda's Better cities compatable version of V1.2. So V1.3 upwards will be compatable to better cities (see seperate readme)
added two residences to the lower arboretum
added a new residence to the lower market entrance.
mad a thrid mausoleum which is open to the public. (will be expanded later)
and improved variouse little things.

V1.2 The exterior to the Lower Talos Plaza District is pretty much complete along with the completion of the ring of corridors. so you can now access the lower imperial city from all parts (bar the palace) of the Imperial city. also there is a ship which comes and goes from the waterfront district. to coincide with this ship the Warehouse in the lower market district is complete.

V 1.15 Along with the market district nearing completion (one building still needs creating). The Elven District is pretty much complete. all the buildings that were put in have beem poulated. The Arena district is at a similar stage, though further expansion here is planned though it may be a while till that happens.

V 1.1 There is now a couple of houses and a large Bar in The Lower Arena District Along with most of The Lower Elven District being open. Just the houses needing Interiors.
Also there is a couple of new( retextured armour) avalible to higher level charaters at the light armour smith. There area few othre things done read the readme for details.

V 1. This currently just has an almost complete Market District lower, with more traders to sell stuff to. Along with a corridors below the Arena and Elven Gurdens to provide acess form there also.