Mystic Elf Female Anime Voice for Rens by N_A
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Added: 28/10/2007 - 10:10AM
Updated: 11/07/2009 - 08:43PM

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Last updated at 20:43, 11 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 10:10, 28 Oct 2007

Mystic Elf Female Anime Voice for Rens
Two "anime" style voices for Mystic Elf Female "Anime" Voice replacement.

Changes Hit and PowerAttack voice. For use with "Ren`s Beauty Pack" for Mystic Elf race and other races.

Again please note this is not my work. Uploaded as Courtesy.

All credit for voice files goes to original author who uploaded to eq2.jp

Use of esp mod fixes use of "Redguard" Voice for Mystic Elf race. Only possible at this stage to have one of the two installed at anytime for chosen race.

Important: Previous Version (1.2)
Please remove version 1.2 if you are using it for Oblivion Vanilla Races
(Female_Anime_Voice_DarkElf.esp, Female_Anime_Voice_HighElf.esp, etc)

Using these esp will break Oblivion dialogue system (No audio will be heard for that particular races voice dialogue). Due to this system if you wish to use this custom voices for Vanilla Oblivion Races you will need to do MANUAL INSTALL as in section detail. I am sorry if this caused problem for people.

Rens Beauty Pack Female Anime Voice
This mod requires "Rens Beauty Pack" and the file "_Ren_BeautyPack_full.esp" to be present and enabled.


Follow instructions in README.

Elves of Lineage II Female Anime Voice
This mod requires "Elves of Lineage II" and the file "Elves Of Lineage II.esp" to be present and enabled.


Follow instructions in README.

Corean Mod Female Anime Voice
This mod requires "Corean Mod" and the file(s) "IDKRRR_C_race.esp/IDKRRR_C_race_closed_mouth_version.esp" to be present and enabled.


Follow instructions in README.

For Oblivion Vanilla Races (Argonian, Breton, DarkElf, DarkSeducer, GoldenSaint, HighElf, Imperial, Khajit, Nord, Orc, Redguard, WoodElf)
Esp plugin method removed as it causes link to race story dialogue to be lost.
To use anime voice for oblivion default races please use files and readme in MANUAL INSTALL folder.

For Other Custom Races
To use anime voice for oblivion other custom races please use files and readme in MANUAL INSTALL folder.

In order to determine custom race default voice used open custom race .esp in TES Construction Set and check:

RACE->General Data->Female Voice->[Default Voice Race Used Is Shown]

Then replace corresonding race with voice replacer (i.e Redguard for Rens Mystic Elves)

- TES Construction set custom voice support is limited.

- Mod may clash with other plugins that change RACE information as .esp files in this mod file change "Default Voice" information.

- Mod uses Oblivion De-isolation methods to link changes into user mods (Plug-in -> Master)

- Mod will cause all player and NPC/Enemies of the same race selected to use the custom voice.

- If problem occurs try MANUALINSTALL by selecting race folder and manually copying voice files to your "oblivion\data" folder.

- Voice set folder used for esp linkage is linked to Race Title Name (Race->Text Data->Name) and uses de-isolation plugin method

- Recreated Lip-sync files for alternative anime voice.
- Renamed alternative anime voice filenames due to how BSA are read by oblivion.

- Added alternative anime voice.
- Removed esp method for oblivion Vanilla races due to dialogue problem.

- Changed all other race files to de-isolated self contained (bsa) plug-in files
- Support for Elves of Lineage II & Corean Mod

- Changed to plugin to fix voice usage of redguard folder.
- Redguard female race now retains original voice.
- Anime voice for Mystic Elf (Feminine/Feminine - Tattoos) only. Reguard retained for Masculine.