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Dibella Temple andWillow Lake Village by Brendan62
Oblivion » Cities, Towns, Villages and Hamlets
Added: 27/09/2007 - 01:33PM
Updated: 30/03/2008 - 03:27PM

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Uploaded by Brendan62


Last updated at 15:27, 30 Mar 2008 Uploaded at 13:33, 27 Sep 2007

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Located in the mountains in the Nibeney Basin above deserted mine is Dibella Temple its attached to the road follow the road to Mackamentain
you will see the turn off once you have passed this. Also now adds a village at the base of the mountain called Willow Lake

The village is designed to fit in with the surrounding scenery , which now includes 2 lakes and 2 small waterfalls. All buildings are retextured Bruma buildings,
also has a inn, blacksmith, general store. Rowboat that takes you near Culotte
An Amazon Race which continues the theme of my other recent release "Skye Village" so there is also a Amazon Hq and Experiment Area. As well as 5 or so NPC Houses
A total of 12 guards, another 10 npcs with full a1s, a pet tiger.Theres actually way to much to list)
Amazon Hq has Shrine which has worship services with all npcs attending on sundays. Has accomodation
Needs 2 keys the main key is hidden in the stables in front of the temple.
The key to the lower more secure areas is located either in the study or private bedroom.
Features Retextured temple, new furniture to suit
Features 2 NPCS both offering recharge services. 10 Female guards in total. 1 armorer, and 2 servants. all of the NPCs do a few things here and there
Also added to permanent swimmers to pool area
A few spoilers around the place but if u dont like that dont pick them up they are there for visual flair only.
Nice views, travel area actually 2 of them.
Private Study, Weapons and Training area, Kitchen and staff quarters, Guard Quarters and large storage area
2 Guest areas, Lounge and bar area, Underground Travel centre with Portals to Paradise and Oblivion
Swimming pool area based on part of a previously released mod Akaviri Stronghold. (well pool shape anyway)
Requirements: COBL, this you must install(included in download) Shivering Isles

This file is not to be hosted at any site of which im not a member without prior contact.Brendan62

1, Xiamara for creating the great sofa and chair set modders resource
2 Zimnel for MORE SOFAS AND CHAIRSETS v. 1.0 another great modders resource
3 AlienSlof for permission to use her great Tiger
4 The authors of COBL another great modders resource
5 Ronin the author of Snow Dragon Temple for one of the interior wall textures
6 Armor by Kalikut elf armor
To my knowledge there is nothing done in this area at all so there should be no conflicts
But some users with lower end computers may get some slowdown as the mod is very detailed.