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Bathing Mod v1.2. Adds the need for your Oblivion character to wash regularly, plus soap, bathtubs and bathrooms with which to do so.

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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion:

Bathing Mod

Version: 1.2
Date: 09-12-2008
Author: Antistar (Joseph Lollback)
E-mail: [email protected]

1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installation/Uninstallation/Upgrading
4. Playing the mod
5. Save games
6. Conflicts/Known Errors
7. Credits
8. Modder's Resource Info
9. Contact and Information
10. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
11. Version History


- Adds the need for your Oblivion character to wash regularly.
- Cumulative penalties to the Personality stat for every day your character goes unwashed (or a small bonus to Personality for 24 hours after bathing, based on install options).
- Instantly remove these penalties by washing in bodies of water with soap (purchased from general merchants).
- Purchase placeable bathtubs (11 types available) from general merchants for your player-owned home plugin/s and use them to wash instead.
- Purchase a 'Bathroom Area' upgrade for your vanilla Oblivion player-owned home/s, which includes a bathtub and soap, among other things.

Bathtub types available:
- Arcane Bath
- Blood Fountain
- Bloodbath Tub
- Clawfoot Bathtub (this tub can be cycled through three 'modes': standard, bubble-bath, and bubble-bath plus 'surprise')
- Copper Bathtub
- Daedric Lava Bath
- Half-Barrel Bathtub
- Marble Bath
- Rose Wall Fountain
- Round Fountain
- Sylvan Stone Bath

2. Requirements

- Requires TES IV: Oblivion, patched to at least version 1.2
- Does not require Shivering Isles (though alternate esps that support it are included).


Installation (standard):

- Using 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org), extract the contents of the BathingMod.7z file (except for the [extras] directory) into your OblivionData directory, maintaining directory structure.
- Click on 'Yes to all' if prompted.
- From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and:
- Check the box next to BathingMod_Base.esm (required).
- Check the box next to BathingMod_Soap.esp (required: adds soap to general merchants - you cannot wash without it).
- Check the box next to BathingMod_placeable_Bathtubs.esp if you want to be able to buy bathtubs you can place yourself.
- Check the box next to BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp if you want to be able to purchase Bathroom Area Upgrades for your vanilla Oblivion player-owned home/s (My Bravil House, My Bruma House, etc).

Installation (bonus, not penalty):

- If you wish to receive a bonus to Personality for 24 hours after bathing, rather than a penalty when you go without bathing:
- Follow the standard installation instructions above, then:
- Replace the BathingMod_Base.esm file you just installed with the file of the same name from the extrasbonus not penalty directory in BathingMod.7z.

Installation (with Shivering Isles installed):

- If you have Shivering Isles installed and wish to be able to buy soap and (if desired) bathtubs from stores introduced in the expansion:
- Follow the standard installation instructions above (followed by the 'bonus, not penalty' installation instructions, if desired), then:
- Replace the BathingMod_Soap.esp and (if applicable) the BathingMod_placeable_Bathtubs.esp files you just installed with the files of the same name from the extrasShivering Isles directory in BathingMod.7z.

Installation (A Bloody Mess compatibility):

- If you use Ronyn's 'A Bloody Mess' mod, and wish to be able to wash off blood by using the bathtubs in the Bathing Mod:
- Install 'A Bloody Mess' (downloaded separately).
- Follow the standard installation instructions above (followed by the 'bonus, not penalty' installation instructions, if desired), then:
- Extract BathingMod_ABMCP_Bathrooms.esp from extrasA Bloody Mess compatibility in the BathingMod.7z file to your OblivionData directory if you have only BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp activated (and not BathingMod_placeable_Bathtubs.esp).
- Extract BathingMod_ABMCP_Bathtubs.esp from extrasA Bloody Mess compatibility in the BathingMod.7z file to your OblivionData directory if you have only BathingMod_placeable_Bathtubs.esp activated (and not BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp).
- Extract BathingMod_ABMCP_Bathtubs_and_Bathrooms.esp from extrasA Bloody Mess compatibility in the BathingMod.7z file to your OblivionData directory if you have BOTH BathingMod_placeable_Bathtubs.esp and BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp activated.
- From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the BathingMod_ABMCP_*.esp you just extracted.


- In-game, ensure you are not currently being affected by any bonuses or penalties from the mod, and save your game.
- From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and uncheck the boxes next to all esm and esp files you checked when installing the mod.
- If desired, delete all files copied to your OblivionData directory during installation (check the BathingMod.7z file to identify these files).
- You can now load your save game and continue playing.


- If you already have Bathing Mod v1.0 or v1.1 installed, installing Bathing Mod v1.2 over the top of it - following the installation instructions above - should be fine.
- If you should encounter a problem with an existing save game when upgrading in this way, it may be necessary to create a 'clean' save before upgrading:
- To create a 'clean' save, follow the uninstallation instructions above to clean your save of Bathing Mod v1.0 or v1.1, then load your save game and save it again. Now follow the installation instructions above to install Bathing Mod v1.2, load your save game and continue playing.


Using the standard installation of the Bathing Mod, your character becomes dirtier and smellier for every day they go without bathing. This manifests as a cumulative penalty to your character's Personality stat. There are seven penalty levels: once you reach seven days without bathing you will not smell any worse as time passes, but you will smell *very* bad - and will receive a significant Personality penalty by that stage.

You can purchase bars of soap from general merchants in Cyrodiil (one is all you will need; they do not run out) and use them to wash; provided you can find a body of water, or a bathtub.

You will need to be swimming in water to use the soap, not just standing in water (this is a scripting limitation). To use the soap, simply click on it in your inventory. If you are swimming in water, you will wash with it, and have any Personality penalties removed within seconds.

To use the placeable bathtubs (or fountains), purchase one from a general merchant in Cyrodiil. Travel to where you wish to place it, and face an open, uncluttered space nearby if you can. In your inventory, shift-click on the bathtub/fountain to drop it. This will drop a wooden 'placer' into the world, which you can move around with the grab key to the desired location. At the moment, the placer can bounce around a bit if you accidentally 'drop-kick' it when first dropping it, so it is recommended to immediately take a couple of steps back when dropping it.

The wooden placer indicates the floor-space the deployed bathtub/fountain will occupy, and has the words 'THIS WAY UP' printed on one side of it. This text should be facing the ceiling, otherwise the bathtub/fountain will deploy upside down. To deploy the bathtub/fountain, simply 'activate' the placer as if you were trying to pick it up. The bathtub/fountain will appear. From now on, if you activate the bathtub/fountain (and are in possession of a bar of soap), you will take a bath. To pick the bathtub/fountain up again and add it to your inventory, activate the bathtub/fountain while in stealthy mode.

It is not recommended to carry one of these bathtubs or fountains with you everywhere: they weigh a *lot*.

To add a bathroom area to your 'My Bravil Home', 'My Bruma Home', etc; just purchase a Bathroom Area Receipt from the same merchant you purchase/d other furniture for the house from. These bathroom areas contain a Copper Bathtub (which you cannot pick up and move around, like the placeable ones), some soap, and a number of other items.

Using the 'bonus, not penalty' version of the mod is the same as the standard version: except your character does not become dirtier over time. Instead, you will gain a bonus to Personality for 24 hours after you bathe.

Using one of the 'A Bloody Mess' compatibility esps with the Bathing Mod will enable your character to wash blood off by taking a bath: unless you are using the Bloodbath or Blood Fountain. Washing in these tubs/fountains will leave your character covered in blood instead.


- Activating this mod should not have any negative effects on your existing save game/s.

- To keep your save game clean in the event that you wish to stop using the Bathing Mod, see the above instructions for uninstalling the mod.


- BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp modifies the player-purchasable homes in all towns/cities of Cyrodiil, and so might conflict with any other mods that also modify these homes.

- Not really an error, but you may notice the mod adding a scripted spell effect called "Sense of smell". You can just ignore this: it's the script that controls the player getting dirtier over time.


- Mod concept, design and construction
- Copper Bathtub
- Bathtub 'Placer' object
- Soap

- Arcane Bath
- Blood Fountain
- Bloodbath Tub
- Clawfoot Bathtub
- Daedric Lava Bath
- Half-Barrel Bathtub
- Marble Bath
- Rose Wall Fountain
- Round Fountain
- Sylvan Stone Bath
- Steam effects

- Originally inspired by the 'Stinkers' mod for TES III: Morrowind.
- Big thanks to SickleYield for making the ten new bathtubs/fountains.
- Thanks to throttlekitty for the Clawfoot Bathtub's 'surprise'.
- Thanks to Zimnel for his water texture resource, which was used as part of the Copper Bathtub's water texture.
- Thanks to Ashemanu, Xiamara and Zimnel for their invaluable assistance in beta-testing the mod.
- Thanks to Vagrant for his scripting advice.
- The placer scripts in the Bathing Mod are based on scripts from ANB's 'Portable Bedroll' mod.
- Base copper and wood textures from http://www.accustudio.com/exchange/textures.php
- Copper Bathtub model based on circa-1800 French copper bathtub.
- The 'A Bloody Mess' mod is by Ronyn: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail&id=2876


The models, textures and scripts included as part of the Bathing Mod are free to use in other modifications for Oblivion, as long as proper credit is given, and included in the release notes for any modifications that use these assets. Modders are also free to create modifications that feature compatibility with the Bathing Mod, though I would prefer it if this came in the form of plugins that are dependent on the Bathing Mod; rather than the Bathing Mod being merged with other plugins.


My e-mail address is [email protected]

I often hang out at Canadian Ice & Howndog's Morrowind/Oblivion forum, under the alias 'Antistar': http://canadianice.ufrealms.net/forum2/index.php


By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, basically.


Version 1.2 (09-12-08)
- Ten new bathtub types (by SickleYield) added.
- Supplies of soap and bathtubs in merchant inventories now respawn.
- Removed static 'steam' effects from bathroom areas in purchasable houses, as bathtubs now have their own animated steam effects.
- Placer object physics have been tweaked slightly.

Version 1.1 (13-06-08)
- Updated the 'A Bloody Mess' compatibility patch esp files to be compatible with the latest version of 'A Bloody Mess' (version 2.0a).

Version 1.0 (26-09-07)
- Initial public release.

Beta 05 (24-09-07)
- Changed the way the control script is implemented. It is now primarily attached to an ability (a scripted spell effect), instead of being in the quest script.
- Fixed the bug where the player would stop getting dirtier over time after travelling to the Shivering Isles.
- Cosmetic tweaks.
- Minor bug-fixes.

Beta 04 (19-09-07)
- Replaced the merged BathingMod_All_plus_Bloody_Mess.esp file with compatibility patches that should achieve the same functionality; without there being any part of the 'A Bloody Mess' mod included with the Bathing Mod.
- Added versions of BathingMod_Soap.esp and BathingMod_placeable_Bathtubs.esp in the extras folder which add soap and bathtubs to stores in the Shivering Isles expansion.

Beta 03 (18-09-07)
- Fixed bathroom area not appearing in Benirus Manor if associated quest was completed before activating BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp.
- Added unique messages for each days passed without bathing (up to and including day 7; every day passed after that has the same message as day 7).

Beta 02 (17-09-07)
- Fixed bathroom upgrades not working correctly if player had already bought house and all furniture for it before activating BathingMod_Bathroom_Upgrades.esp.

Beta 01 (16-09-07):
- Initial implementation of features.