A Windspear Tower by jlf2n
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"The way of a mage is a dark and lonely one. This is why so many wizards fall early into the darkness of the grave - or latter of the endless twilight of undeath. such bright prospects are why the road to mastery of magecraft is always such a crowded one"

-Jhalivar Thrunn
Trail Tales of the North

Windspear Tower is the finished version of my mages tower. It is something I have been adding to slowly for a while now until recently when the story hit me. After I wrote the book on the wizard who owned the tower I added a few more things and was quite happy with it so I thought I would share it with my friends.

Aratthol Eldmar was a wizard of power. He was not just your ordinary wielder of magic, he was very ambitious, and from that recipe came Windspear Tower.

Aratthol roamed Cyrodiil around the same time as the great Daedra reawakening by Mankar Camoran. A great and perilous time in Cyrodiil, wizards and warriors of all factions took up sides and displayed power like Tammriel has never seen. It was during this time that Aratthol saw his opportunity when the Great Gates of Oblivion started springing up across Cyrodiil. Aratthol came forth and sided with the Hero, using this chance to openly explore the realm of Oblivion. He had long wanted to journey to Oblivion, but had not quite found a way to open a gate that could be controlled. But now with these massive events that have sprung into motion, he was finally able to harness a power not even the Hero of Cyrodiil would have been able to comprehend. The power of the Gods.

Once inside the gates, Aratthol took his own path. He careful studied the arcs and flows of the magika that swirled around him. After several months, he had found what he was seeking. A massive Sigil Stone of immense power. This humongous Sigil stone would have burnt most men to dust from just being near it, but he managed to bring it back to Cyrodiil, and hid it high in the Jerall mountains west of Bruma. He built to what most seemed a Wizards Tower, albeit a splendid one. While Windspear looked like a tower, it was instead more of a key, that would create its own keyhole.

The destination of the key and hole where the pantheon of the nine divines, and through a ritual that shook the very foundation of the mountain on which Windspear sat, Aratthol disappeared and was never heard from again. He has left his tower to the one he feels most debted to........you.