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Adds various warlock themed clothing items, like horns, protruding bone back spikes, full-length arm ribbons, skull helms etc. Ace\'s Warlock Gear Version: 1.1 Date: Sept/19/2007 Category: Items, Objects and Clothes Author: Acetonik Source: Description =========== Adds wearable warlock items such as

Permissions and credits
***Open This File With WordPad If It Appears Unformatted***

Ace's Warlock Gear
Version: 1.3
Date: July/20/2008
Category: Items, Objects and Clothes
Author: Acetonik

Adds wearable warlock items such as long ribbon-wrapped horns, protruding back spikes, runed pauldrons,
and arm wrapping ribbons. Based on a creature from the great mod: The Lost Spires.

*V1.2 and 1.3 adds aditional items - see below

Items can be found in the Imperial City Market District, in a chest behind a bush, beside the Best Defense.

Version 1.0 - 1.1
The items are available as either amulet or tail slot, with the exception of the armbands.
I've broken down the items into many parts for better customisation - for those of you
without NifSkope :P All items are now compatible with Robert's Seamless Male Body and Exnem's
Female Eyecandy. I've added brief lettering to the end of each item name to let you know which
body mod it was intended for, example:
(A) - amulet slot, so you can still wear other armour
(T) - tail slot, can still wear other armour pieces
(Beast) - means that it won't clip when worn on argonians,khajiit or orcs
BAB/Exnem/ROB - made for whichever is listed, if none are shown then it's universally compatible.
*ROBERT's users can simply equip anything they want, but females need to watch for these accronyms*

*The ribbons on the horns and armbands are now visible from both sides

Version 1.2
- Added a skull helm to the chest, with two variants (with or without a face mask). It takes up the hair slot, just like a normal helmet, but is not considered armor and has no stats.
- Also added a wearable back totem, with a trophy head on it, takes up the amulet slot, but feel free to change it to another slot in the editor or with NifSkope

Shivering Isles is required if you wish to use the helm, as it uses textures that are only present in this expansion. The mod, however, is not reliant on the expansion, so you may use any other item if you do not own Shivering Isles.
Equipping the helm without the expansion will simply cause a large exclamation mark to appear in place of the helm, or a ctd, due to the missing texture. Simply unequip the helm and stash it somewhere. :P

Version 1.3
- By request I have added a playable Xivilai left arm, for Exnems as well as leg ribbons

Note: The arm takes up the Upper Body and the Hands slot, so in order to use any clothing with this item, you'll need to copy it into the .nif file using Nifskope's Copy Branch feature. It was the only practical way to make the arm available by removing the one it replaces.

*This mod does NOT require The Lost Spires to work, it is self-contained. However, I strongly urge
you to check it out, as it was the inspiration for my work here.
*If you're using a new version, simply install over the old one, and continue playing, the old items have not been edited, and the new items will appear in the chest.

1. Extract all files into your Oblivion\Data\ folder.
2. Check "Ace's Warlock Gear.esp" in OBMM (or Oblivion Launcher)
3. Check above for item location, and enjoy. :)

1. Start OBMM (or Oblivion Launcher) and uncheck "Ace's Warlock Gear.esp".
2. Delete the files/folders listed below.
3. Uninstallation of this mod will not affect The Lost Spires mod in any way, if you are currently using it.

Remove these directories, and any subfolders/files within.
Oblivion\Data\Ace's Warlock Gear.esp

I have tested this mod with dozens of the mods I'm currently using and I have found no conflicts. The only gameworld change is the addition of one chest in the market district.
If you find any incompatibilities, please give me the details.

Known Issues or Bugs

None known at this time.

*Please read the notice outlined above if you haven't already, it's labelled: ***IMPORTANT***


1.3, July/20/2008 - New playable arm and leg ribbons added by request.
1.2, March/20/2008 - Added a new helm and totem by request.
1.1, Sept/19/2007 - Supporting BAB, Exnem, Robert's and beast races - fixed single sided ribbon issue.
1.0, Sept/09/2007 - Initial release, supporting BAB, no beast races.


You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums, and Canadian Ice's Forums as 'Acetonik'
or by email here: [email protected]
Don't hesitate to send any questions, comments or feedback. Your support will keep me modding :).


Created by Acetonik,

Based upon a creature model found in The Lost Spires mod by Liquid Graphics Interactive.
Thanks for creating such an amazing piece of work, and for allowing me to continue with my efforts. :)
Thanks to Leo Gura for permission, and for helpful tips to improve my work and knowledge.

Credit to Xessive for the mask mesh I incorporated into the helm (V1.2)
Credit to Exnem for the body meshes I had to include in order for the Daedric Arm to work properly. (V1.3)

Thanks to Leiawen for providing me with a place to upload my files!

Thanks to Sickleyield at Canadian Ice's Forums, for providing great tutorials, and many other fine people in their community!
Thanks to the great people behind BAB, Exnem's and Robert's body mods
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to, the best Oblivion mod site around!
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator that I made this with. ;)

Tools Used
Blender -
NIFSkope -
Photoshop -
TES Construction Set -
Readme Generator -

Custom mesh editting done by Acetonik with written permission from Liquid Graphics Interactive.

The original mesh and texture files from which I created this mod are:
Copyright 2006-2007 Liquid Graphics Interactive. These files may NOT be re-distributed without explicit written consent.
Liquid Graphics Interactive can be contacted at: [email protected]

With that said, please contact me, Acetonik, before distributing any files contained within this mod.