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1. Purpose: To easily locate a selected \"Skills Trainer\" by following Quest Compass Arrows. Have you ever needed a particular skills trainer, but couldn\'t quite remember where you\'d seen that trainer last? Or, perhaps you\'ve remembered the location but upon arrival discover that your skill now exceeds the trainer\'s skill, rende

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1. Purpose:
To easily locate a selected "Skills Trainer" by following Quest Compass Arrows.
Have you ever needed a particular skills trainer, but couldn't quite remember where you'd seen that trainer last? Or, perhaps you've remembered the location but upon arrival discover that your skill now exceeds the trainer's skill, rendering him/her of little use!
With "Trainer Find" installed you will be able to select a skill from a message box and then follow the compass pointers ( via the Trainer Find quest page ) to a qualified trainer in that skill.

How does this work? -- Phintias, of the First Edition book store in the Imperial City, has a scroll for sale which lists the names of all the Master Trainers of Cyrodiil. That, alone, is well worth the price that Phintias is charging, as the Master Trainers are a private lot. They will only offer their services under certain conditions. However, the printer made an error when compiling the list, and also copied a previous owners note. At the bottom of the scroll is a Daedric Spell and it's translation. If the words are uttered, then the net is cast, seeking the life force of all of those who can teach. As long as you hold the scroll in your inventory, then this spell is listed amongst your Minor Powers. Lose this scroll, and you will lose the Find Trainer spell.

This spell is a Mysticism Spell and it's use comes with some minor inconveniences. Once it has been successfully cast, there will be a re-charge period, before it may be re-cast. During this period, you will also not be able to "fast travel", as the Mystic Ether is still in flux . However, as your Mysticism Skill increases, then the re-charge period decreases. However, each skill trained by a skills trainer also adds 1 second of delay.
The formula: RechargeDelay = (Skill Increases / Mysticism Skill) + (Training Sessions) seconds. The minimum is set at 30 seconds.

** Note:
There is a console command to bypass the 'fast travel' disable. Hit the tilde key ( ~ ) to enable the console. then type:
set TrainerFind.FT to 1
-- press the enter key, then the tilde key and the next time you cast the Find Trainer spell, 'fast travel' will not be affected.

The Trainers of Cyrodiil may be divided into Public Trainers and Guild Trainers. Guild Trainers may be subdivided into Fighters Guild Trainers, Mages Guild Trainers and Thieves Guild Trainers. The Public Trainers will train anyone, as long as their conditions are met. They usually have other interests, so the daily teaching period for them, may be 4 hours or less. They may also, offer this training at very odd hours of the day. Don't be discouraged if the Find Trainer spell has located one of these Public Trainers and yet they don't seem to offer any training services to you. Try to get them to "like" you and follow them until the "right time of day" arrives. Guild Trainers offer teaching services to Guild brothers and sisters during their normal "business hours". Individual Trainers also have one of three categories of skill assigned to them. Apprentice Trainers teach to skill level 40, Journeyman Trainers to 70 and Master Trainers to 100.

After you cast the spell, "Find Trainer", there will sometimes be a slight delay, for the script to "awaken". The script will then seek out the lowest skilled Trainers that are of any use to you. For instance, let's say you don't yet belong to a Guild but you are seeking to learn Alteration Magic, which is currently sitting at 30 points. Casting "Find Trainer" and selecting Alteration from the menu would enable Abhuki, Public Journeyman (up to 70 points) Alteration Trainer to be shown on the "Find Trainers" Quest page. However, had you joined the Mages Guild, then instead of Journeyman Trainer Abhuki's arrow, you's see Apprentice (up to 40 points) Trainer Deetsan's arrow. Likewise if you joined the Thieves Guild you'd see Apprentice Trainer Dovyn Aren instead. If you belong to both the Mages Guild and the Thieves Guild, then both Deetsan's arrow and Dovyn Aren's arrow will be displayed on the "Trainer Find" quest page.

2. Installation:
Install the TrainerFind.esp file into the "Oblivion\Data" folder.

3. Possible Conflicts:
The NPC "Hauls-Ropes-Faster" now offers Athletics Training, by the setting of the "Offers Services" flag . Other than that, no Oblivion Scripts were altered, and this mod works without conflict with new games and save games with a variety of installed mods.

4. Conditions and Terms of Use:
Notwithstanding the Bethesda Copyrights regarding any scripts, computer codes, documents and graphics, it is asserted that these program scripts are free software; you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

These program scripts are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.