Loths Blunt Weapons by JDFan and Loth DeBonneville and CorePC
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Added: 28/08/2007 - 09:24PM
Updated: 11/09/2009 - 08:29PM

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Last updated at 20:29, 11 Sep 2009 Uploaded at 21:24, 28 Aug 2007

3.0.1 - Cleaned Plugin with tes4edit: Now Clean Plugin only changes

New Updated Version 3 :

Now includes 3 .esps ( the original version, MOBS version with stats adjusted to fit MOBS (medievel Oblivion Balance System) and the newly added Weapons for NPCs version created by CorePC that adds the weapons to the leveled lists used for NPC's so that they are now used by random NPCs and found as loot throughout Cyrodiil !!

Additional info on the NPC version .esp provided by CorePC :

Loth Blunt Weapons for NPCS modifies default leveledlist for Blunt Weapons that are used for Npcs that use blunt weapons..So that these are spread out to these leveled list , all the way up to lvl 25 and are randmon all the time..


Compatiblity with Other Mods..

If you using mod like 000, Frans, or a mod that changes these leveled list then you need to use wyre bash and bashed patched to make these show up in these leveled list ..for these Mods..

IF not using a mod that modifies the default leveled list then they will show up correctly..no need for wyre bash and bashed patched..

They can still be bought at the Vendor Also..

Version 2 : fixed a small error on the leveled list for 2 weapons that had the wrong version of the weapon being added at one level. Also fixed the Nif path for the unpolished War Axe pointing to the wrong Nif file.

Note : Added a MOBS (Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System)version .esp for those using MOBs just download and unpack the .esp and use it instead of the original .esp ( The weapons Stats have been adjusted to fit in with other MOBS version weapons !!)

This Mod adds several new one and 2 handed Blunt weapons to the inventory of AgnethePickled of Hammer and Tongs located in Skingrad. (placed in a new respawning vendor chest to avoid conflicts with other Mods).

Readme File :

Name: Loth's Blunt Weapons
Version: 3
Date: 10/19/2007
Category: Weapons and Armor
Authors: JDFan ([email protected])
Loth DeBonneville

Weapon Models designed by Loth DeBonneville
Textures and CS work by JDFan
Updated Npc version .esp to add the weapons to leveled lists By CorePC

To install the plug-in:

-Uncompress all the files into the "Oblivion\Data" directory

Playing the Plug-in
From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the .esp file that you want to use ( select either original version or MOBS balanced Stats) and also check the Loth's Blunt weapons for NPC's.esp if you wish to have them added to the leveled lists that add them to the NPC weapon and loot lists so they can be used by random NPC's and found as loot instead of purchased.(Big Thanks to CorePC for creating this .esp !!)

The weapons have been added to the inventory of AgnethePickled of Hammer and Tongs located in Skingrad. They have been placed in leveled lists that add one of each weapon to her inventory with statistics that vary dependent upon your players level ( 1 - Impure, 3 - Unpolished, 5 - Lesser, 8 - Normal, 10 - Fine, 14 Very Fine, 18 - Grand, 23 - Perfect ) The items have been added to a new vendor chest in order to avoid conflicts with any other Mod and will respawn. A picture of the items has also been placed in the shop for reference.

Reason for this Plug-in
This plug-in was created as a means of adding the new models created by Loth into the game in response to a thread seeking someone to texture the items for him.

3.0 2007-10-19 - combines Mobs.esp into the rar and adds an NPC version that adds the weapons to the NPC weapons lists and loot lists so that the weapons can also be found being used by random NPC's and as random loot.

2.0 2007-09-25 - fixed 3 small errors on the leveled list

1.0, 2007-08-28 - Initial release.

Known bugs
None at the current time.

All weapon models created by Loth DeBonneville

Textures and CS work by JDFan

Weapons for NPC's version created and added by CorePC

To contact me email: [email protected]

In the subject line please put "Loth's Blunt Weapons" so that I know what it is and don't accidentally delete it.

Or PM JDFan or Loth DeBonneville on the official Bethesda Game Studio Forums.

Other notes
-The following files should be in this package:

Loth's Blunt Weapons.esp - original version No MOBS stats on weapons

Loth's Blunt Weapons-MOBS.esp - Updates stats on all weapons to MOBS stats

Loth's Blunt Weapons for NPCs.esp - adds the weapons to NPC weapon leveled lists and loot lists - so the weapons are also used by NPC's and are available as loot. ( Also adds 5 2 handed Blunt weapon versions - to keep the use of the weapons balanced )

19 Nifs contained in Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Blunt Set\ Folder

33 Texture files contained in Oblivion\Data\Textures\Blunt Set\ Folder

10 Icon Textures located in Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus\Icons\Blunt Set\ Folder

Loth's Blunt Weapons Readme.txt - this file
Loth's Blunt Weapon List.jpg - Picture of all weapons and weapon names


To uninstall - Delete the following folders:

- Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Blunt Set\
- Oblivion\Data\Textures\Blunt Set\
- Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus\Icons\Blunt Set\

and the oblivion\data\Loth's Blunt Weapons.esps