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From the Readme: ***************************************************************** The Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION Daedric Wargames 1.0 Requires Shivering Isles and patch 1.2 ***************************************************************** Index: 1. Description 2. Installing the Plugin 3. P

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From the Readme:


The Elder Scrolls IV

Daedric Wargames 1.0
Requires Shivering Isles and patch 1.2


1. Description
2. Installing the Plugin
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Save Games
5. Known Issues/Conflicts
6. Revisions




This mod aims to allow you to command the forces of Sheogorath
against the legions of Mehrunes Dagon in medium-scale tactical

Partake in defence, assault and skirmish scenarios, each offering
unique challenges. Purchase an array of troops, divide them into
groups, and issue squad-level commands. Bring along your own
companions for that extra edge, or if you're feeling particularly
bold, face the entire opposing army by yourself.

NOTE: This plugin uses PlaceAtMe for creature spawns, but as
long as the player routinely uses the exit portal that opens at
the end of every scenario, testing indicates little to no
savegame bloat. You don't have to use it all the time, but
accumulated bloat is only cleared when you do.




To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Data directory.
If updating an older version, overwrite the old .esp. It is
recommended to make a clean save if updating... no significant
data should be lost.




From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
next to the installed plugin file.

You will find a man named Hroldir inside Sheogorath's throne
room. He will direct you to Haskill, who you may now approach for
any wargame-related business.

NOTE: In order to avoid savegame bloat, it is recommended that
you wait for the exit portal to appear after each scenario, and
enter it. The references of all the creatures created during the
battle will not be cleaned until you enter the Waters of
Oblivion. Besides, that's where they leave your cash reward.

In each scenario, you will have the following Lesser Powers:

Attack Target:
Cast on an enemy, all units currently Following you will
focus on it.

Battle Report:
Provides info on the scenario clock, current orders of
each of your groups, and how many units are in them.

Begin Scenario:
Allows you to advance, begins enemy assault, and/or
starts the scenario clock.

Forfeit Game:
Concedes victory to your opponent, in case a scenario
becomes unwinnable.

Issue Orders:
Available after completing the main Shivering Isles
questline. Cast this to issue commands remotely to any of
your groups.

Purchase Unit:
Opens a menu from which you can buy a Melee, Missile, or
Magic unit, as well as specify how many to buy and which
group to put them in.


4. Save Games


This plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. You
should be able to deactivate this plugin and continue on with
your game without any problems, reactivating it later on if you
wish to do so.


5. Known Issues/Conflicts


None known so far. May conflict with any mod that significantly
changes the layout of Sheogorath's throne room, due to this mod's
use of portals.

Higher boasts and starting funds result in armies more than
doubling in size. Recommended only for those with high-end PCs or
with a slo-mo + frame-rate adjustment mod.


6. Revisions


Version 1.0:
- Champions of Dagon now spawn as you build a winning streak.
- Added the Golden Saint Cleric Magic unit.
- Added the Dark Seducer Trainer Missile unit.
- Added the Attack Target and Issue Order powers (see section 3).
- Misc. tweaks and fixes.

Version 0.9:
- Fixed Red Quarry order report on activate.
- Added a new scenario.
- Added a new Melee unit.

Version 0.85:
- Fixed combat behaviour of Grummite Magi.
- Fixed units not following the player when seperated.
- Added a new Missile and a new Magic unit.
- Made Dagon quicker at redirecting his forces in the Red Quarry,
and fixed a bug that sometimes prevented reinforcements from
being sent.
- Adjusted pathing in the Quarry so units won't fall into the
lava so easily.

Version 0.8:
- Players that have completed the main SI quest may now issue
boasts to increase enemy strength. They may also adjust their
own starting funds. Both affect the rewards received.
- Players will receive bonus items if there is a large number of
surviving units of the same type. It becomes easier to receive
bonuses as the player wins more consecutive matches.
- Added the Hunger melee unit.
- Added silent voice files so text isn't so quick.

Version 0.7:
- Initial release.