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Name: Bruma Mages Guild Restored
Version: 1.02
Date: 8/16/2007
Category: Guilds/Factions
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
Author(s): SSJ Heero
Forum: http://animenext.neoknorf.net/forum/
Homepage: http://animenext.neoknorf.net/

Something always bothers me about Bruma's Mages Guild hall: the fire Mannimarco set burns for months, even years! I know he's almost godlike and all, but it has to stop some time, at the very least from running out of things to burn. This mod aims to fix that restore and repopulate Bruma's guild hall. Also adds a new trainer in Restoration for those who went through Knights of the Nine.

New NPCs are added to Chorrol, Bruma, and Skingrad's guild halls. Immediately after you finish "A Plot Revealed", the guild hall is closed for repairs. It will take about five days for repairs to be finished. When you return, Fasette would be the new guild hall leader, coming from Chorrol's guild hall. Surudu Herennius would be the new alchemist from Skingrad, and Salms Thando will be the enchanter from Balmora, Morrowind.

As Salms is from Morrowind, he is able to enchant equipment on his own. Fasette can also make spells for you. I don't consider this unbalancing, because they only offer their services after the hall is restored.

A Restoration trainer named Elaninde is added pre-destruction, barely misses Mannimarco during his raid, and returns afterwards. She serves as a reference to Oleta's master training as well. I had to add it in because it bugged me that Knights of the Nine killed off both references to the quest. (Oh yeah, spoilers.)

The new NPCs are safe to use with Talking Toaster's Companion Share and Recruit.

The guild hall also has been remodeled (for the most part), because after cleaning everything up, it'd be unlikely that Fasette would be able to recreate the original configuration of furniture and such. (She probably wouldn't care to do so anyway.)

With the remodelling also comes a bed and containers that don't respawn so that the player can use them.

BrumaMGRestored-Frostcrag.esp edits the teleporter to Bruma's Mages Guild so that it'll behave like the front door. You won't be able to enter Bruma's Mages Guild as the link hasn't been established yet, but will be able to teleport to the new guild hall once repairs are finished.

[For the details, I didn't actually change any of the original cells, but created duplicate cells and rerouted all doors to the new cells instead of the ever burning mess.]

I have no plans to further support this or any other mods due to moving on from Oblivion (and onto Skyrim and other games). This mod is open for anyone to use for editing or whatnot, no need to ask me for permission.

1. Extract the .esp files and Sound folder to Oblivion\Data\
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the BrumaMGRestored.esp file.
3. If you run Frostcrag Spire, also enable BrumaMGRestored-Frostcrag.esp.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. If need be, go into the Sound\Voice folder and delete the folder titled "BrumaMGRestored.esp"

There should be no reason why you can't just overwrite previous versions of the .esp file if new versions come, but there should be no reason that a clean save would hurt, either, as nothing new or important is added.

To make a clean save:
1. Remove all of your items from the safe containers in the guild hall.
2. Go somewhere else. Visit a dungeon. Kill some things. Just get out of the hall.
3. Uncheck my mod from the Data Files menu.
4. Load your game.
5. Make a new save without my mod.
6. Upgrade my mod to the latest version.
7. Load my mod and fire away.

You'll have to wait the five days again, but that's not a big deal.

There should be no incompatibilities with this mod.

Known Issues or Bugs
The way Frostcrag Spire's teleportation pad is scripted, it enables itself constantly. Changing its scripts would just cause conflicts, which this mod is trying to avoid, so I instead lowered it by a few units so that the new teleporter that is enabled atop it would be accessed. If you're crafty, you'll be able to reach the teleport pad to the burning guild hall cell. But don't expect to find any easter eggs there.

1.02, 09/02/2007: Fixed the script for the Frostcrag Spire Teleport Pad in case you don't activate both mods at the same time like I intended.
1.01, 08/17/2007: Changed some AI packages, slightly updated readme, rebalanced Salms to be used better with Companion Share and Recruit. (I previously stuck him with 1000 life for some reason.) Now he's has stats more in line with a regular mage. That's immortal. And can enchant stuff on his own.
1.00, 08/16/2007: Initial version.

My name on the official Elder Scrolls forums is 'SSJ Heero'
My email address is [email protected]