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Added: 09/08/2007 - 09:09PM
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Last updated at 18:29, 12 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 21:09, 9 Aug 2007

This mod aims to make the majority of NPCs carry more gold in their pockets, since 2 or 3 coins for a lower class NPC seemed a little unrelistic. Now they carry anywhere from 1 to 20 coins using leveled lists. Middle, Upper and Noble classes are also affected by the increase of gold carried, especially the latter two.

Enemy NPCs are also affected so you get anywhere from 5 to 80 gold on them, which makes sense that bandits and marauders should have a handful of gold from robbing and killing other people.

Another function this plugin makes the amount of items you find in containers and chests, especially when it comes to clutter. One to three pieces of junk or food in a container up to the player's chest level doesn't seem right, so I fixed that. That also affects almost all dungeon and house containers so it seems a little more realistic and is worth thieving that rich Imperial's home now.

Cupboards also contain more food and drink so it makes more sense. Upper class always have more food and drink in their cupboards than lower and middle class homes.A couple of reward lists have been altered, namely for some of the side quests.

Another thing, sometimes in dungeon chests, notibly vampire hideouts you may get quite a chunk of gold or other goodies so it's safe to say this plugin can be at times, a little bit unbalancing.

Also, player owned homes have empty chests and crates so it makes sense you didn't buy storage packages that came with a couple junk items in them. On top of that, food and clothing containers that come with the house have a reasonable amount of food and drink to serve for both roleplayers and users running food/drink requirement mods.

I've ran this side by side Martigen's Monster Mod 3.1 RC and Frans 5.3(?) and have had no problems but I would just load it AFTER said mods so the changes override whatever Frans does.

I also highly suggest using a clutter repricing mod so you get more gold for the junk you find in containers, such as AC's realisticly priced clutter ( http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=4935 ) and Gems ( http://www.tessource.net/files/cache/4826.html ) to make it worthwhile treasure hunting in the wild or thieving inside cities.

New in 1.15: 1.15 gives a chance to find filled black soul gems on necromancer bosses as well as a couple of other spots.

Less gold version eliminated and desupported as I've balanced out the original so it's not as much. Dungeon gold is unleveled and balanced out so players at level 5 or 30 get around the same amount (Normally less than 100g on average)

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