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For those too lazy to search through, here is a link to the forum page listing download locations:

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Updated description 12-19-07

Dune Alpha 2.1

...A foreigner once spoke of The God King of Dusaar....

Shar XarGuul, God-King of Gathol, It is said to have been a thousand years, no men, nor gods, nor beasts can stand his sight, in his amazing glory, the whole world is shaped by his power, and all beings succumb to his will, his word is law and from the Forbidden Palace he reaches all the corners of the known world through his Templars. The Ivory Throne of Gathol has never known another ruler as great and never will!

Thousands of slaves work for him in the fields around the city, hundreds of slaves fight and die in his name on the Crimson Sands of the Gatholian Arena, and a million people live and survive under his watchful eye and uncontestable will!

The Setting of DUNE:
DUNE is a mod that adds a totally new world to the game Oblivion, note that this is in no way related to Frank Herbert's Dune universe. The DUNE World, known as Dusaar, is a huge desert world where the brutality of people and nature is an everyday part of life. Water has long since ceased to flow on the surface and can only be found in the last sea, some oasises, and tiny lakes and streams are the only source of life for the Ancient Forest, a Tropical Jungle surrounded by Canyons and covered from the everpresent winds of the open Desert, protecting this small Last Paradise.

The desert covers the majority of the land, almost 90% of it is surrounded by the Great Wall Cliffs of the east and the Sea of Silt to the west. Some of the mountains are nearly impassable, but ancient canyons throughout them hide the last spots where life can still continue....There are many diverse cultures living in the few safe places on this world.

For more screenshots of the world, the cultures, the fauna and flora, you can find them here: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Dusaar/index.php?showforum=1

The Mod:
The mod is located in a seperate worldspace from Cyrodiil, so it does not interfere with any Oblivion quests and you can install Dune without even wanting to visit it. It is thought to be totally compatible with the official plugins and expansions, I made use of some Shivering Isles resources so its required that you own SI expansion for Oblivion.

The work its in early Alpha so there are no quests, no well developed spots etc, this release is not so much for playing, but for Modders to add to the world to make it complete.

My original idea of Dune was to be an Open Source Project that could welcome everyone to come and make mods into another world, so I have made the decision to release it as "Alpha" for this actual principle, I do not like to keep things hidden from the public. So, now you all will be able to download and take a look at this new landscape world resource, you will probably find many bugs, but it's an "Alpha" release and it's a Resource for all the Modders out there.....

Here is a link to the forums, where you can find additional screenshots, videos, lore and information about the mod: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Dusaar/index.php

Installation Instructions:
* Requires Shivering Isles
* Download and Install Dune Races
* Download and Install Dune Terra (Basic Landscape Esp)
* Download and Install Dune (Modification Esp)
* Make sure Dune Terra is loaded first and Dune loaded after.
* Uncheck Dune Races if you are loading Dune, check it only if you wish to use it as a standalone mod.

How to get to Dusaar (The world of Dune):
* Go to Vilverin, Northeast of the Imperial Prison Sewers, just across the water there is a Stargate.
* Or type in the console coc stargate and then use tcl to fly up to the top.

Important Note:

If you want to make use of some of the resources from DUNE, then you have to mod something for Dune at the same level of what you take. Please respect this principle and Credit all that worked on this project. The project will continue with the contributions of everyone and possibly grow in size if we all share.

This is something I did for all the modding Community, it took a lot of work of many days, and it has been a huge job to prepare something stable to work upon , many people tought that making a new world was too much of a comitment to begin, well I did and now you can start with a step foward, if you ever dared to begin a completely new world now is your chance to change things. From now on the Developers forums will be opened to public participation.

Please do not abuse this and do not turn it into a mess, lets all happily mod DUNE together and free from exclusiveness and selfish behaviours ....

One thing tough, I have planned the Lore behind it so to be this world fitting every mod should retain to this small Lore guideline .... Now go and try the mod .....

If you wish to help out with modding, please sign up to the DUNE Forums and have a look around: Forum Link