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Added: 15/07/2007 - 01:11PM
Updated: 08/01/2008 - 12:00AM

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It seems since the release of SI that somehow changed form ID's to certain areas thus breaking the knights DLC. Since this is an official Mod, I cannot release it in a zip rar 7z or any other compression format so I have to write a special patch that requires you to have it already installed on your computer before it will patch the ESP file. It is to my understanding that this problem accrued after the release of the Official expansion The Elder Scrolls® IV: Shivering Isles™. It seems that after the Official expansion release it edited the Main ESM file, a few Form ID's changed which caused the Knights of Nine DLC to break or in some cases not function at all with the CS.

The Official Forum topic is located here.

Change Log

Initial release
Fixed Editor ID 'TB' (01001BFD) is not unique, previous object (00096F09) is type REFR warning in the Construction Set.
Fixed Editor ID 'TestAyleid' (010028DA) is not unique, previous object (0007897B) is type WRLD warning in the Construction Set.
Fixed Editor ID 'AyleidWorld' (010028E1) is not unique, previous object (00078986) is type CELL warning in the Construction Set.

Version 1.0.1
Added a condition check to all of the Knights of the Nine quests for Shivering Isles (as Bethesda did to all the other Tamriel quests) which will stop "Knights of the Nine" dialogue appearing in The Shivering Isles.
Grounded a set of floating rocks and a bush in the wilderness (-48,-6) near where the new road was added from Knights of the Nine.
The blessing you receive from Sir Caius is now agility as his dialogue says and not personality. (Sir Gregory already gives a personality blessing.)
Fixed enchantments on the level 16-20 light versions of Greaves of the Crusaders.
Fixed dialogue so the Knights ESP where it is not required to be loaded last to
Fixed the "sitting bug"; after the completion of the Knights of the Nine questline, the player will no longer freeze in place when sitting down or sit in midair away from the chair/bench
Resolved incompatibilities between Knights of the Nine and Open Cities in Anvil; the Prophet, his bedroll, guards and listener markers will move to the correct locations shortly after the UOMP is installed if Open Cities is present (his listeners may sometimes face the wrong way due to engine weirdness, but this works as it makes them appear half-interested, and everything else should be perfect)
Corrected oversight making it impossible to complete Master Restoration training after completing the Sword of the Crusader quest due to both Advanced trainers having died by this stage; once the player's skill is sufficient the training quest will start automatically (there are no suitable voice sets for the replacement Advanced trainers to have them or others offer the referral).
The Prophet should no longer fail to deliver his sermon in the Priory Chapel and then talk to the player in The Blessing of Talos quest.
Rodgar's Helm will no longer hover in place and be impossible to pick up again if dropped (was using worn instead of ground mesh).
Sir Amiel's key will no longer be a quest item stuck in the player's inventory after it is not required.
Fixed the relics' armor stand in the Priory Undercroft clipping through the static Gauntlets of the Crusader, and closed gaps (most noticeable on the right-hand one) between the static Gauntlets and the Cuirass.
The Mace of the Crusader should no longer fall through the floor/ground when dropped.
In the Sword of the Crusader quest, if Sir Lathon is asked to wait he won't go into alert mode and pull his sword out unless he's in Underpall Cave (ie when he hasn't even left the Priory yet).
Closed a huge hole in the exterior of Lord Vlindrel's Tower (-21,18) caused by a missing wall section.
Fixed two twitchy hanging lamps in the Priory Basement (this may only take effect on a new game if this location has already been visited).
Followers should no longer get stuck in a column when the player travels between the Priory Undercroft and Basement areas.
Moved a slightly misplaced rubble pile hanging over steps and raised another at the base of one of the Guardian statues that was clipping through it in Fort Bulwark.
Closed gaps between the cave tunnel and underground structure in the Shrine of the Crusader.
Corrected the fix for Knights rumors appearing in the Shivering Isles by cleaning out SI specific quest references in case the player doesn't have SI installed.
Corrected 16 typos and errors in dialog and journal text.

Version 1.0.2
Now incorporates a backup of the patched ESP file

Conflicting plug-ins:
This should not affect any other plug-in files to my knowledge.
If any conflicts found, please report them here in this forum topic.

Future Releases:

I am currently working on a Full integration of the two Quest Award Levellers out there into this as well. But it will take me some time to get that done Since I will be redoing the scripts and have yet another alternative by having a alter mesh and texture created to be used and a small quest to find it thus opening up a fast travel to that location once it is found. This will also allow you to do it at the alter as well as give you the option of a Item or a spell to cast to get the same features. This will be for a different project but will affected by this and will have two versions of this one with just this patch and one with the above alternative for though who wish not to use the UOMP version.