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OBSE Required: Since version 2.0 this mod has been reborn as an experient in the merging of features from running revised, realistic fatigue and more realistic encumbrance to integrate and work together to truly make an ultimate running mod as well as being highly configurable.

Permissions and credits
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v17 is required for this mod to function
Download OBSE from http://obse.silverlock.org

Since version 2.0 this mod has been reborn as an experient in the merging of features from running revised, realistic fatigue and more realistic encumbrance to integrate and work together to truly make an ultimate running mod. How the mod plays depends on which ini you choose.

There are 3 ini templates available that can change how the mod plays.

Realistic (default)
This is the default play style trying to bridge realism with gameplay and what most people who have played previous versions of this mod will be used to. The first change of this mod is there is no actual encumbrance limit anymore. The original max weight is your safe encumbrance limit.

You can continue to pick up items above but picking up too much will just cause your fatigue to drain faster. If you are holding alot over your safe encumbrance then your health will even begin to get damaged. Effectivly if are able to somehow survive the fatigue drains and health drains you could forever continue to pick up items but i hope you have really long restore fatigue and restore health duration effects active on you to accomplish such a feat.

The gameplay settings of fatigue have been revamped. The Idea is that each perk allows you to run at %-ages of weight without any decrease in fatigue. So Novice you always lose fatigue when running, apprentice you only lose when above 25% encumbered, master you never lose fatigue from runing etc. Jump Fatigue loss is also dependent on your weight but generally it will be slightly less than normal. In effect these are much more friendly then other mods have done before, still if you dont like them you can modify in the ini. I've listed the current all the current alternative values of other mods in the ini.

Fatigue wise if you are running around at low fatigue you could collapse. If you collapse you will have lost the momentum of running and will only be able to walk for a while. The default amount of fatigue required before you can run again is 45. Your skill in acrobatics and luck helps to prevent falling over.

If you are low on fatigue you will occasionally stop running to rest and will just keep on walking. Your skill in willpower and endurance will keep you going on longer and you will be less likely to need to walk a bit to rest yourself.

There are indicative sounds included as your fatigue gets low (If you want blur you can turn that on in the ini).

If your encumbrance is less than 5%-15% or your safe encumbrance based on your skill in athletics then you will be able to sprint. The default key is 'X' which when holded down will make you move faster but will also drain your fatigue. You can change this key in the ini.

These settings follow in the footsteps of the running revised mod with some tweaks to the original formulas.

There is a unlimited encumbrance system but you will be forced to work if you pick up too much over your limit.

When your fatigue gets critical you will immediatly start walking until you have recovered. There are no other penalties to low fatigue.

You still have indicative sounds if your fatigue is running low.

You can sprint whenever you like as long as you have enough fatigue to acheive it.

You will be unable to run backwards in combat and will have to make do with walking backwards.

These settings keep the unlimited encumbrance system enabled, but in this case if you go over your safe maximum encumbrance you
will be forced to walk. This is similar to how it works in fallout 3 hence the template name :)

Fatigue settings generally stick to vanilla defaults with a few minor differences so you wont nessecarily lose fatigue while running.

If your fatigue does reach critical your weapon damage will be greatly reduced by 90%

You still have indicative sounds if your fatigue is running low as in the realistic mode.

You can still sprint if you are within the 5-15% threshold as in the realistic mode.

(If you use my SM Combat Regen mod the fallout ini settings work well, but you are not limited to just this ini)

This mod is extremly customizeable with much power to change how the mod works. The ini templates demonstrate what you can do
but you can customize the ini to your liking maybe making a combination of all the above ini templates.


0. Make sure you have installed OBSE
1. Extract the files into your Oblivion\Data folder.
3. Select and enable plugin in launcher.

Place the SM Enc&Fatigue.ini file in your 'Data\' folder. You can customise this to change some features of the mod to how you would rather they be.

There are 3 template ini's in the template ini folder that make the mod play in particular styles if you replace your current ini file with one of them.

Just replace with the new esps in the archive and your ready to play

Use console or ini to enter "set bUninstall to 1" then wait a few seconds before saving, exiting and turning off the mod.

Change Log
- Tidyed up ini and code base
- Added OBSE check
- Fixed issues preventing the mod working correctly with SM Combat Regen
- Fixed bugs with the fallout 3 walking feature not always working
- Added new feature such that when you are in critical fatigue your weapons do even less damage than normal.
- Multiple ini templates are now pre-provided. Each gives different pre-defined gameplay options.

- Fixed a bug where you could die from overweight when your controls are frozen.
- Added ability to set % amount of your encumbrance where you will always walk no matter what.

- Requires OBSE 17
- Your speed attribute is no longer touched when sprinting as it now uses a new OBSE function
- Extended fast travel ini option so you can chooose to have fast travel be disabled just by being over your safe encumbrance.
- Fixed an issue where you could sprint while falling or jumping (losing extra fatigue for no reason)
- You can now sprint up to 15% of encumbrance by default up from just 5%.

- Penalties above safe encumbrance will now cause a drain effect on your health and fatigue forcing you to a minimum of 1 hp
with too much health. You wont ever be killed but death from too much weight can still be configured in the ini.
- Added 3 new ini settings that can be used to help in enabling a fallout 3 style encumbrance system.
bWalkOverWeight makes you force you to forever slow walk when you are over your safe encumbrance.
bSlowWalkDisableJump disables jumping when you are slow walking (enabled by default).
bSlowWalkDisableFT disables fast travel when you are slow walking.
- Many tweaks of the default settings to place more emphasis on gameplay experience than realism.

- Added some ini settings for controlling the collapsing and slow walk stat modifiers
- Reduced the defaults for these stat modifiers to 50% instead of 90% reduction for better balance to mods that allow skills past 100 by default
- Added an optional no running backwards setting that can be set to make the player have a chance to collapse when moving backwards in combat, or to be forced to walk.

- Amount of fatigue to be under to be in critical fatigue and to recover from slow walking are now the actuals amounts in the ini instead of percentages.
- Will now correctly monitor the state the capslock autowalk is in to correctly start running or stop running after slowwalking.
- Added ini setting for support to mods that modify the players default inventory which can cause encumbrance calculation errors.
- Fixed bug where fatigue would not decrease when just standing still when very encumbered.
- Added some new ini settings for better control of some of the systems
- Collapsing will now have chances to occur whenever you are in the critical region of fatigue

- Fixed a bug where sprint ini was not being registered.

- Fixed a bug in disabling blur that caused sound to continue to play.
- When in critical fatigue theres a chance to slow walk without collapsing. This is more common then collapsing as that requires you to be at 0 fatigue.
- Fatigue loss now occurs much more smoothly.
- Added sprint option that you can use when not carrying alot of weight. About 5-15% of your based encumbrance by default.

- Fixed another rounding error
- Prevented a rounding error when using decimal encumbrance multipliers.

- Major rewrite and changes. Now merges and integrates parts of running revised, realistic fatigue and more realistic encumbrance
- New calculated gameplay settings.

- Fatigue system now reduces your speed, acrobatics and agility by smaller amounts
- Changed config options.

- Combined the two esps and you can modify the fatigue settings themselves in the ini to any other value you like
- This version now modifies the speed of a player. Unfortunatly modifying game settings in real time does work but when you got slowed every person around you slowed down as well so its only way to get this to work without that problem.
- Fatigue no longer slows you to walking speed but it will still noticeably slow you down.

- Fixed some major bugs in encumbrance calculations
- Optimizations to the scripts
- Now uses the progressive system so every point of encumbrance counts to slowing you
- Added a new fatigue effect so that low fatigue makes you slower progressivly while running
- Added an ini file so you can customize certain settings of the mod

- Initial release

Future Plans
- Additional option to stop moving completly before forced to slow walk (alternative if not using collapse)
- Option to move slower and slower before forced to walking.

- Conflicts may occur with other running mods or OBSE mods which play around with fatigue settings.

Bayli, Mentalor, Deathless Athrodite, Donovan Baarda whose mods are all sources of inspiration for this mod.