The Fight For Castle Ravenpride by Arandor
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"The Fight for Castle Ravenpride" is currently one of the most sophisticated story modifications for Oblivion.
It's about the name giving fortress Ravenpride, which sits enthroned above Cyrodiil high up and barely approachable at a steep slope in the Jerall Mountains. A more turbulent story as this castle's, have just a few in the provinces of Tamriel. As a prison, it was abandoned after three bloody rebellions, which the often innocent prisoners saw as the last chance not to let the torch of human rights extinguish. Afterwards, it served as a mansion of an excentric aristocrat from the dignified house De Mendes.

Much blood, guilty as well as innocent, was oozing through the castle's frosty cold stones throughout the years, but not all the suffering ended in the now apparently peaceful ages. The prisoners who revolted against the master of Castle Ravenpride never left the castle walls, even after their execution. These restless souls cannot find peace in the afterlife, just as they couldn't in life. Forced by trouble and violent rage from suffered injustice, and the thirst to punish the guilty ones, they struggle to recover the last speck of their honor and grandeur. Force, if necessary, and unnecessary bloodshed don't seem to be an obstacle ...

- An exciting, multi-hour storyline far away from any kind of "Save the world" cliché
- Complete and fully dubbed dialogues with over 200 statements and almost 30 minutes of speech, spoken by six voice actors
- 5 new books. 2 of them were specially written by the German fantasy author Antje Grueger for this mod.
- The highest located castle of Cyrodiil can be owned by the player: Castle Ravenpride
- Many new weapons, and one new armor set
- A new elaborately made and dubbed video that is over 2 minutes in length
- Many exciting and impressive script events
- Improved NPCs which have a personality instead of mere dialogues.