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Cities Alive at Night
By Teenk/TESO_Mods
[email protected]


-> Brightens cities so that they look alive when views from outside the city.
-> This is purely aesthetic.
-> Houses are added within the city walls of the Leyawiin exterior map. This fixes the horrible fact that from the hills above Leyawiin you can see that there are no houses within the walls of the city.

This mod was created by teenk (aka TESO_Mods) but he has since quit Oblivion modding, so he asked me if I could host the mod for him, because he was subject to a lot of emails regarding the mod; emails that he did not want to respond to due to not modding any more.

>> Installation instructions <<
-> Place .esp file in your "C:/Program Files//Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data" folder.
-> Select the .esp file/s in the Oblivion launcher Data section.
-> This step is optional but highly suggested: open Oblivion.ini file and change fLightLOD2 to 40000.00 or above (this will make lights visible from longer distances. Adjust this accordingly with your actor view distance so that you don't see torches seemingly running around by themselves (when you should actually see them being carried by npcs) and to reduce the fps hit.
-> Run Oblivion.

* Compatibility *
-> Compatible with pretty much anything. Darker Nights and Dungeons, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Illumination Within, etc.

* Bugs
-> None that I know of.
-> Please report any to email above.

-> Usual disclaimers: This mod is free, I do not give permission to anybody to make money out of this. Since this is free, use at your own risk.