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Last updated at 16:58, 19 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 23:37, 1 Jun 2007

moDem's City Life - Beautiful People compatible (versions 2.5 and higher)

readme v2.2; updated by Lollerich

original mod moDem, SAgiZm, Zenman

This mod is an updated version of SAgiZm's translated version of moDem's Life mod. The 2.0 version has been reviewed by Mmmmmmm (creater of such mods as "Martigan's Monster Mod" and "Cats and Rats" mod), and he has spent time removing unused and leftover items and changes that were a by-product of the mod being worked on by three different people over the course of a year. Many thanks to Mmmmmmm for his work!!

At his suggestion, the NPC's that had been added outside of the cities have been removed as well, making this mod city-based, and therefore deserving of the name "City Life"!

This mod adds new NPC's (non-player characters) to every city. All seven of the secondary cities (Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Choral, Leyawiin, and Skingrad) now have between 8 and 15 new NPC's, and so does the Imperial City Elven Gardens district, Imperial City Talos Plaza, Imperial City Temple District, Imperial City Waterfront, and Imperial City Marketplace.

All in all, over 155 new NPC's have been added to the game. Each NPC has a set of AI packages that let them "live" in the city; eating, sleeping, wandering.

As part of these additions, children have been added. Each city now has a number of children, and the children have children's voices (but they don't say much! :-) Every child (except for one exception in Bravil) have parents, a home, and a bed.

SAgiZm's translated mod can be found here:

1. Use WinRar or 7-zip to extract the archive to ..\Oblivion\Data directory. Ensure you have "use subfolders" enabled.

Reason for update:
- compatibility with Beautiful People 2.2
- general crashes in IC Waterfront fixed

Known Problems
1. A couple of people have reported issues between this mod and mods that make significant changes to the Imperial City Waterfront (such as the "Waterfront Revisited" mod).

Many thanks to
Bethesda (obviously)
TES Construction Set WIKI

All feedback is welcome. You are also welcome to use this mod in any way, shape, or form that you wish; full open source model!