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Added: 28/05/2007 - 01:27AM
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Last updated at 22:26, 7 May 2009 Uploaded at 1:27, 28 May 2007

There are multiple downloads here: the A Bloody Mess .esm, and various .esp files that utilize it.

Requires OBSE v.0016 or later

-----------A Bloody Mess.esm-------------
A Bloody Mess is a modders resource .esm file which can be used by other mods to cover the character in blood through scripts. This is also required to use the Bloody_Fights.esp.
The effects and appearance of being covered in blood as well as the means to remove it are a part of this .esm file.

To have your mod be able to cover the character in blood, simply attach the A_Bloody_Mess.esm as a master file for your mod, and have a script in your mod increase the RBloodyMessStage global by the desired number of levels (1 through 10. The more levels you add, the more blood you add to the character). If you tell it to increase the global past 10, it will reduce itself down to 10 before the effects take place.

There are 10 stages to the amount of blood you can have on you, and a few of your starts are penalized by progressively stronger amounts depending on the blood stage.
Personality is reduced by 4 per stage (equivalent of -1 Disposition toward everyone you deal with), and both Speechcraft and Mercantile are reduced by 2 per stage.

If you do not want the blood spatter to reduce your stats, simply open the console by pressing the ` key and type "Set BloodPenalizeStats to 0". If you want to re-enable the stat penalties type the same message into the console again but replace the 0 with 1.

There are three ways you can get rid of the blood on you:
You can swim in some water, washing it all off almost immediately.
You can stand out in the rain, causing it to wash off very slowly (the level of blood is reduced by 1 every 10 seconds). Standing in the rain cannot wash it off completely, and it will never be brought below stage 1 in this way.
Or, you can wash it off with a Cleaning Rag, found on low-grade cloth vendors and as random loot wherever you would find cloth. Activate the rag from your inventory, and it will reduce your level of blood by one. The cloth is then changed into a worthless Bloodied Cleaning Rag, which can be cleaned and turned back into a normal one by swimming with it in your inventory.

When uninstalling this mod, you must make absolutely sure that, if you have stat penalizations on, you do not have any blood on you or the stat penalties will become permanent. To avoid this, before uninstalling either turn stat penalties off in the console, wash all the blood off by swimming, or type into the console "Set RBloodyMessStage to 0" to remove the blood.

-------------Bloody Fights.esp--------------
This mod makes use of the A Bloody Mess.esm to apply blood to the player in fights.
Whenever you deal damage in melee, there is a chance based on the percent of health your attack takes from the target to apply blood spatter to the player. When this happens, you hear a wet *splursh* hit sound.

The chance to be covered in blood when damaging an opponent can be altered by opening the console with ` and typing "Set BloodSpatterChance to #", with the number being the likeliness of attacks applying blood. The base number is 100, which means that the chance of blood spatter is 100% of the percent of damage done. If for example you change it to 50 and you kill someone in a single blow, you would have a 50% chance of getting spattered with blood.

There is also a check to make sure that "bloodless" enemies cannot cause blood spatter, by excluding enemies with certain words in their name such as "Skeleton", "Atronach" or "Wraith".

If the target has less than 10 maximum health (meaning with near certainty that it's something small like a rat/bug/bird whatever), or if your attack takes less than 10% of the target's maximum health, then there will be no chance of blood spatter.

-------------Arena Wash Basin---------------
This mod changes the wash basin in the arena to remove the ridiculous giant blue explosion spell effect when you use it, removes the healing effect and causes it to wash away all blood.

---------Armor Shader Supression------------
This mod disables the persistent shader effect on enchanted armor. Normally equipping enchanted armor would cause the blood spatter shader to either disappear entirely, or blink on and off.
This mod can potentially conflict with magic-altering mods, since it changes "Magic Effects". This conflict may or may not be repaired by using a Bash Patch with Wrye Batch.

Huge thanks to Haama. He wrote nearly the entire original script, and got it all working for me.
Additional thanks to Ddefinder1, who created the amazing blood textures for this mod.

-Alternate textures with less blood by DDefinder1 (creator of Gorier Blood and the normal textures in this mod) can be found here:
This link contains alternate textures as well; one set with reduced blood spatter and one intended to look better in games that do not have HDR activated.

If you use A Bloody Mess in your mod, give credit to Haama, Ddefinder and myself (Ronyn).

2.1.1: Completely remade Bloody Fights, and added the new Armor Shader Supression mod.
2.1: Make sure all blood is cleaned from you character before updating to 2.1, or the stat damage will become permanent.
Fixed various reported bugs in previous versions; the appearance of blood spatter will no longer occasionally dissappear when moving between cells, and the stat penalties should no longer have a chance to bug out.
Additionally, the option has been added to remove the stat penalties associated with being covered in blood.
The script has been further optimized, and now runs every second rather than every 2.5 seconds, removing the delay between getting covered in blood and having it actually appear, or dissappear when it gets washed away.
The blood spatter now penalizes personality by a much reduced static amount, and also reduces Speechcraft and Mercantile.
Any mods dependant on this one that were made for 2.0 or 2.0a should still be perfectly compatible with the new version.
2.0a: Fixed an issue which caused the game to crash when attempting to use a Cleaning Rag.
2.0: Split the mod into an esm and esp, added the ability to clean blood off with rags as suggested by Ryu Doppler, optimized the hell out of the scripts, used new shader settings suggested by Ryu Doppler, and replaced the old blood textures with Ddefinder's much better ones.
1.1b: The blood is much more realistic now, and the glow effect is much weaker. Because I had to replace both the esp and the textures, there's no patch, only a full version.
1.1a: Fixed an issue that caused the blood level to shoot up to 9 and stay there after killing a "creature".
1.1: Thanks to advice from Skycaptain, the character will no longer become bloody if they kill someone unarmed, with a bow, or with magic. But because of the way it checks to see if you used magic, it'll still cover you in blood if you have insane magicka regeneration, or if you use some type of spell with no cost, like a lesser/greater power.
Killing creatures will now cover you in blood too. This means that slaughtering zombies, goblins or helpless little animals will cover you in blood, but it also means that killing bloodless things like ghosts or atronauchs will too.
1.0: Thanks again to Comit's advice the blood is no longer black, but it has a light glow to it.
0.95: With the advice from Comit, I've fixed the script. Shaders now play, though the blood is still black.

The same goes for removing the mod. If you do either while your character has blood on them, you'll never be able to recover your lost personality (except by typing "startquest UOPstatrestore" into the console if you're using the Unofficial Oblivion Patch).

You might notice a very mild glow to the blood in certain situations, such as dark rooms, intense fog, or underwater. This is a limitation of shaders in this game, and would only be 100% fixable by making the blood completely black.
Using HDR, as is recommended, may reduce the gkow effect.

The blood effect is a "Shader", and Oblivion will only allow one shader to be visible at a time. If another one plays on the character, the old one will no longer be visible, though it's still technically there. Once the new shader goes away, the old one will be visible again.
This means that other mods that add shader effects to the character (such as Get Wet), or even sometimes enchanted equipment will cause the blood to seem to disappear and reappear occasionally. It will also momentarily vanish when casting spells on yourself.

When using Bloody Fights, a normally invisible Script Effect spell plays while you're attacking. If you hear a loud sound effect or see visual spell effects coming off your character while attacking, then you will need to download a "Script Effect Silencer" mod to suppress those effects. I recommend http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15677 though several combat mods, including Deadly Reflex, already include one.