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Added: 27/05/2007 - 04:58AM
Updated: 18/07/2007 - 02:57AM

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Dungeon Actors Have Torches 1.6
by nenina

Actors use torches in dungeons to increase immersion. Don't let them brood in darkness over one mishap in life just so they can blame everything on it and use it to justify misdeeds.

Evil NPC actors in dungeons get a one-time 75% chance to recieve torches. This occurs on entry of interior cells. Includes Bandits, Conjurers, Marauders, Black Bow Bandits, and Necromancers. Excludes Vampires, Dremoras, Undead, Ghost NPCs, forgotten ones and Khajiits. It is entirely the NPC's decision to use the torch. Generic evil actors from other mods also get a 75% torch roll.

General Condition:
*only actor &
*only evil &
*only alive &
*not a creature &
*not playerfaction &
*not dremorafaction &
*not vampirefaction &
*not a vampire &
*not undeadfaction &
*not a ghost &
*not mothpriests &
*not forgottenones &
*not Valen Dreth
*not khajiit race

Evil actors that use two-handed weapons or unenchanted shields use the torch when idle, but put the torch away for combat. Sneaking and sleeping actors hide their torches.

Note: The torch chance 75% does not mean that 75% of all actors will use torches. It is more like 50%.

There are two .esp files in the zip and you must choose one:

Dungeon Actors Have Torches 1.6 DT
Actors recieve default torch. A mod that edits the default torch will give modded torch to actors inside. Woot indeed!

Dungeon Actors Have Torches 1.6 CT
Actors recieve a copy of default torch. Mods that edit the default torch do not apply to torches given to actors. However, the copied torches in this version count as droppable lit torches.

Confirmed to work with OOO, Francesco's, and MMM. It is my belief that this mod is 100% compatible with virtually all other mods. Torches are added ingame after all mods are loaded.

One original object was edited: Scripted Spell has had the area hit sound and projectile travel sound removed - casting sound is left normal. This is a common edit among modders who love to use persistant activators to access various objects.

This mod can be used with Exterior Actors Have Torches 1.2.

Deadly Reflex mod users should load all Deadly Reflex files AFTER this mod. Doing so ensures compatibility.

There are two .esp files in the zip and you must choose one: DT or CT - DO NOT USE BOTH

1 Unzip your chosen .esp file into the Data Folder, located inside the folder where Oblivion is installed.

2 Start Oblivion and, in the menu, choose Data Files. Available mods will be shown in the list. Double-click the .esp to activate it with a checkmark and click OK.

3 You may now start Oblivion with the mod installed. Do not use DT and CT versions together.

The first time you enter a game with this mod enabled you will recieve a quick confirmation message and none after.

This mod should be loaded after mods that edit magic. If you hear area hit sounds when entering new exterior cells then there is another mod loaded after that has reinstated Script Spell sounds. Oblivion Mod Manager is recommended to check load order.

DO NOT USE DT VERSION AND CT VERSION TOGETHER. Doing so is pointless and may produce strange results.