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Added: 09/05/2007 - 03:42AM
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Last updated at 23:44, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 3:42, 9 May 2007

=== Version: 1.2
=== Author: mmmpld

== Overview
This mod lets you wear a robe while still having armor/clothes equipped underneath.
The difference between this and previous mods like it is this one has no issues with clipping.
It does this by making the items underneath invisible using leprechaun ear-hair and some OBSE functions.

== Usage
Equip everything you want to wear under your robe then put a robe on over.
As far as the script is concerned, a robe is any item that takes both upper and lower slots.

Once your items have be under a robe they are no longer the same item according to the game,
so keep that in mind as any script looking for the old item won't find it.
(if you find an instance where this is a problem in the vanilla game please let me know.)

Armor under robes will take faked damage while in combat and health is decreasing (see Special Variables to disable).

Everything should seem pretty logical. Only works for the player character.

== Requirements
* OBSE v0011 or greater(!).

== Installation
Stick P1DrobesOver.esp file in Oblivion\data\
Enable the P1DrobesOver.esp from the launcher.

The P1DshieldNoGlow.esp is an optional file to be used in conjunction with the main esp.
All it does is prevent the shield spell from glowing when hit,
since the script uses a shield ability to fake AR and the glow annoyed me.

Archive is OMOD ready for OBMM users and scripted to turn P1DshieldNoGlow.esp on/off.

== Uninstallation
Remove robe first, or your stuff is staying invisible.
Delete P1DrobesOver.esp

== Known Issues
* Encumbrance and AR don't update correctly until you exit the inventory. It's fine really.
* Lots of items can slow the script right down. Either don't carry so much stuff or put up with it.

== Version History
=== 1.2
* Added skill increases when needed.
* Fixed a bug where boots would cause robe to re-equip unnecessarily.
* Now requires OBSE v0011.
=== 1.1
* Implemented fix for Tiber Septim Cuirass and moved Arena fix to new script.
=== 1.0
* Initial Public Release