Black Luster Weapons and Armor for Exnems Body by hide
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Black Luster Weapons & Armor for Exnem's Body v3.1.5.e Fixed
By hide

First of all, I can't speak English. Therefore, these explanations are all machine translations.
Please pardon it though sentences might be incomprehensible.


==== In a new version, where changed? ====

----- 3.1.5.e Fixed -----

*Fixed Crown.

-------- 3.1.5.e --------

*The texture is reviewed, and the size has been Reduced.

132Mbyte -> 105Mbyte

The quality doesn't change before.
These changed will improve the performance of your game.

*Added items

BlackLuster Crown NoEnc (No enchantment. Use Tail slot)
BlackLuster Crown NoEncAmu (No enchantment. Use Amulet slot)

Saint Crown NoEnc (No enchantment. Use Tail slot)
Saint Crown NoEncAmu (No enchantment. Use Amulet slot)

Bloody Crown NoEnc (No enchantment. Use Tail slot)
Bloody Crown NoEncAmu (No enchantment. Use Amulet slot)

This MOD adds the following goods to A Fighting Chance that exists in Market District of Imperial City.

Armor ( There is armor only for female )

BlackLuster Bra & Cloak
BlackLuster Bra
BlackLuster Cloak Amu ( Use an amulet slot )
BlackLuster Boots
BlackLuster Gauntlet
BlackLuster Skirt & Pants
BlackLuster Skirt
BlackLuster Shield
BlackLuster Crown
BlackLuster Crown NoEnc
BlackLuster Crown NoEncAmu

Bloody Cuirass A
Bloody Cuirass B
Bloody Cuirass & Cloak A
Bloody Cuirass & Cloak B
Bloody Cloak Amu ( Use an amulet slot )
Bloody Boots
Bloody Gauntlets
Bloody Skirt A
Bloody Skirt B
Bloody Crown NoEnc
Bloody Crown NoEncAmu

Saint Cuirass A
Saint Cuirass B
Saint Cuirass & Cloak A
Saint Cuirass & Cloak B
Saint Cloak Amu ( Use an amulet slot )
Saint Boots
Saint Gauntlets
Saint Skirt & Pants
Saint Skirt A
Saint Skirt B
Saint Shield
Saint Crown
Saint Crown NoEnc
Saint Crown NoEncAmu

BlackLuster Light Cuirass
BlackLuster Light Boots
BlackLuster Light Skirt
BlackLuster Light Gloves



BlackLuster Claymore
BlackLuster LongBlade
BlackLuster LongBow
BlackLuster Arrow

Bloody LongBlade

Saint LongBlade
Saint LongBow
Saint Arrow

====== Installation ======

1 . Unzip
2 . Copy the Data folder into the Oblivion install folder
3 . Check BlackLuster.esp in the Data Files menu
4 . Launch the Game
5 . Enjoy!!

I produce this mod in Construction Set(1.2.404) of a new version.
This may not work in oblivion of an old version.

I recommend the version of your oblivion to be adjusted to the latest

***** Notes of installation *****

This Armor is only for Exnem's [ FEMALE EYECANDY BODY ]


Address of thanks

A part of this Weapon&Armor uses the data of the following MOD.

[ Adonnays Elven Weaponry ]

[ Archmage Battle Armour ]

[ Eshme's Bodies V3 ]

[ Female EyeCandy Wardrobe ]

[ Growlfs Hot Clothes And Armor 4,0 Xmas Edition ]

[ Holy Protector Armor ]

[ Keyblades Remixed ]

[ Lost Paladins of the Divines ]


Their work is very wonderful !!!
I respect them. And, we wish to express our gratitude.


I'm sorry in incomprehensible English.