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Added: 20/04/2007 - 03:16AM
Updated: 26/05/2007 - 06:59AM

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Last updated at 6:59, 26 May 2007 Uploaded at 3:16, 20 Apr 2007

The aim of this mod it to improve performance (FPS) without quality loss by optimizing large meshes used through out the game.

Known Issues, Incompatibilities and Notes
-None known.

1.) Extract Operation Optimization.7z into your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\ folder.
3.) Now enjoy better FPS!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Question: WILL this decrease the quality of the meshes?
Answer: No, they will look exactly the same in-game.

Framerate Tests
Leyawiin Mages Guild: 40FPS before, 53FPS after, difference of 13FPS.

Shivering Isles
Sheogorath's Palace (most FPS intense area I could find): 25FPS before, 53FPS after, difference of 28FPS.
Sheogorath's Palace (different location): 45FPS before, 78FPS after, difference of 33FPS.
The Missing Pauldron : 49FPS before, 56FPS after, difference of 7FPS.

Version History
v1.1.1 (28/04/07)
-Created an installer for Operation Optimization as it is going to get rather large.
-Operation Optimization will no longer use a BSA archive (and plugin) due to LOD issues (Imperial City Palace won't vanish anymore when outside the city).
v1.1.0 (25/04/07)
-All optimized meshes are now in a BSA archive and activated via esp now for easier management.
-Completed optimizations of palace interior meshes (Shivering Isles), Optimized: PalaceCourtEnd01.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd02.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd03.NIF.
-Started and completed optimization of all statues (Akatosh, Azura Shine ect).
-Started optimization of Leyawiin interior meshes, Optimized: LeyawiinMGInterior.NIF, LeyawiinMGInteriorShops.NIF.
-Started optimization of Mania interior meshes (Shivering Isles), Optimized: ManiSmity01Int.NIF.
-Optimized amber and madness armor stands (MadnessArmorDisplay01.NIF, SEArmorDummyAmber.NIF).
-Optimized obelisks (Obelisk01.NIF).
-Optimized the Imperial City Palace exteriors (ICPalaceTower01.NIF, ICPalaceTowerBase01.NIF).
-Tweaked some of the previously optimized palace interior meshes and the huge tree for better performance (Shivering Isles).
v1.0.0 (20/04/07)
-First release.
-Started optimization of palace interior meshes (Shivering Isles), Optimized: PalaceCourtAlcove01.NIF, PalaceCourtConnector01.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd04.NIF, PalaceCourtEnd05.NIF, PalaceCourtSteps01.NIF.
-Optimized PalaceMadnessTree01.NIF which is used in Sheogorath's Palace.

The NifSkope Team - big thanks for this very awesome tool, this mod wouldn't have been possible without.