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3.0 Open Beta:
Streamline v3.0 Open Beta 4 is open for testing! This will be the final beta in the series, and is considered a "release candidate", minus some documentation. Any bug reports, feedback, comments, or otherwise should be directed to the [WIPz] thread for Streamline 3.0 on the official Bethesda forums:


2.1 ESP Addition:
The 2.1 ESP is an updated version of the 2.0 ESP. More relaxed memory clearing and much faster purging code gives a more seamless gaming experience. If you already have the 2.0 package, replace the 2.0 esp with this 2.1 esp. Note: the higher purging modes available through use of the Streamline Signet are *not* recommended for all users, as animation glitches can become evident for a small group of people while in this mode. Performance or lower should be adequate under most circumstances.

Download of the original 2.0 package is recommended in addition to this esp, as it will give you a readme, an optional mesh file, and other resources.

Streamline enhances the performance of Oblivion by reducing stuttering and lag, and smoothing out gameplay. It does this by maintaining much cleaner cell buffer and video ram caches while the game is running and the player is moving from place to place.

As a result, average FPS performance over a gaming session should be higher, and the lag generally experienced as gameplay progresses should be significantly reduced (or eliminated entirely). Further, due to the manner and frequency in which memory is cleared, people that were unable to use higher resolution texture packs in the past, may be capable of doing so now.

The extremely intelligent algorithms that run ensure that memory is cleared on a regular basis, only when it is safe to do so, and so that nearby conversations by NPCs pose little risk of being interrupted, unlike in the past.

Streamline will enable itself with the default mode (performance) which should be adequate for most people, but can be configured to run in three additional modes (both faster and slower) to suit different needs. The faster the script runs, the more often cell buffers will be cleared.

The scripts used should have virtually no impact on real FPS performance, despite whichever mode is selected.


NOTE: Requires OBSE v0.9b or higher!!