J3 AVWD - Signs Of Life II

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Here with rocks mixed in the 8k atlas. 826 _far models. Only daedric statues missing as far as I can tell. And maybe cutting some minor _fars.

E. ok I had mistyped daedric as deadric so my program didn't create the right file paths...


  1. Wiepman
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    1. Wiepman
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      Future suggestion:

      Have you ever considered VWD for the Oblivion planes?

      Of course, there's none what so ever in vanilla Oblivion.

      There's "Deadlands"

      And while there's a "LOD" only file download,
      it obviously is not atlassed..

      But what I would pitch instead is, since you have dived so deep in all VWD models before
      and optimizing and atlassing those, you basically became THE expert bare none on this matter.

      How about re-imagining a VWD mod for Oblivion planes?

      Myself, I could think of rocks, distant towers, perhaps distant vulcano's
      (like you did with the cave entrances and waterfalls),
      maybe more. I am pretty convinced that surely would fill a gap.
    2. JESSETIN3
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      There is vanilla Oblivion Realm _fars in oblivion, towers only tho if I recall right.

      I will have 3 atlas textures most likely:
      1. Cyrodiil (all cyrodiil _fars textures + oblivion gates + shivering isles entrance + Wizard's Tower + Battlehorn castle)
      2. Shivering Isles (all remaining shiverin isles _far textures)
      3. Oblivion Realm (all remaining oblivion realm _fars)

      Maybe painted realm and Paradise needs own atlas.

      This way there would be only 1 atlas texture loaded per realm.

      E. Actually Oblivion Realm atlas should also have oblivion gate _far textures so Cyrodiil atlas isn't loaded.