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Oh boy. Glad I don't have to look at this all the time. Thank you Monkey ENB.

PS. Anyone know how to upload two pictures at once? I've seen others do it, one right below the other. It would make for a better comparison shot if Y'all didn't have to exit and then click on the next pick to see the difference. Thanks.


  1. DrakeTheDragon
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    It is not possible to upload 2 pictures at once, unless you put them both into 1 picture and upload this instead.
    You can, however, "embed" additional pictures inside your image description, like you do on file pages and in posts, if that's what you mean.
    1. LeonidasNerevar
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      Thanks for the reply. Silly ol' me can't figure out how to "embed" an image. Every time I try to link an image or drag and drop (or do anything else I could think of) it asks for a URL and won't let me upload from my PC. Do I need to upload it somewhere first and then link it here? I've looked up how to embed a file but didn't get any helpful results. Thank you for your time.
    2. maczopikczo
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      Hey, first pick your favourite image sharer website - my preference is for imgur for its simplicity (I use it only for sharing images, I don't care at all for any social stuff, and imgur suits me just right).
      So, sign up, upload your images there, and when you click any of these images on that website, on the right hand side it will list a number of links (Image Link, Direct Link etc.). Copy the one under BBCode (message boards & forums) (it starts with img in square brackets). Paste the link into the description section of your main image uploaded to nexus, and you'll be all set.

      Also, you may want to consider temporarily disabling UI for screenshots to make them look nicer. To do that you need to press tilde key (~) than type tm, and hit Enter. Take a screenshot. To restore UI press tilde again, type tm, and hit Enter.

      Looking forward to more interesting images from your adventures in Tamriel :)
    3. LeonidasNerevar
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      Thank you! Perfect instructions good sir. I tested it and it all worked perfectly as you described. Kudos. Thank you very much for your help, and thank you even more for your mods! I looked up your page and found you to be the author of several mods that I use (all included in the Bevilex modding guide) and one I didn't have yet: Nice Ice the Jerral Glacier retexture. I'm so very glad you replied to my question so I could find the mod of yours that I missed! Very nice meeting you on here and good luck in your feature endeavors in the modding community!

      Thanks as well for the HUD advice. I had already known about the TM command and used it in a few other pics but just forgot in these few. Thank you though. Truly a master of helpfulness, you are.

      Thanks again.