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I've had some free time on my hands lately and taken up modding projects that were gathering dust.

A few years back, I was in the midst of cobbling together architecture for a few of those projects prior
to real life putting the brakes on for me. So now that I've made a bit of progress, thought it might be
good to let folks see some of what has been cooking.

Here we have the Lower Class Tavern model with a full length deck and railing, to go with the porch.
Again the additions are retextured Leyawiin pieces. And again there is still some uv map work to do.
I'm converting the Chorrol textures to fit this particular model. But it's almost finished. Other regional
themes, as well as the standard lower class flavor, will be sure to follow.


  1. laulajatar
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    Ohhh, I like this one.
    1. mhahn123
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      Thanks! I really liked the results on this one too. The vanilla tavern bugged me with it's plain, flat front. Glad to hear I've made an improvement.