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I'm not sure if you can use this mod, because I went to Bethesda and talked to Todder to ask him if he could grant me permission to use the resources of the game, but he said he had to ask permissions to the 3d artists, and the 3d artists said I had to ask permission to the concept artists, and the concept artists said I had to ask permissions to all the people that somehow influenced their work in the game, and I asked all these people, and they all said they also had their own influences, and I tried to trace back said influences but most of them were dead.

So I went to a necromancers den to ask for help, so they can revive all the dead people that made such an impact in other people who made an impact in other people. But they said they needed permission to make the arcane ritual needed for that. So I went to Oblivion and I asked permission to Mehrunes Dagon to make the arcane ritual needed to revive people. And he said: K, do it, cuz I'm a kewl guy.

So we did the ritual, and we revived all the people, but they were zombies and they were quite mad, because we didn't asked permission to them to revive 'em on the first place. So we decided that we had to travel back in time and talk to them before doing the stuff.

So we searched on Ebay for a flux capacitor and we found one! But the propietor said we had to ask permission to the mother nature before altering the time-space constraints of the universe. So I said: stfu man, I grabbed a katana and I killed him. Then I felt bad, I did a hara-kiri, and my ghost walked among the earth for 3 weeks until I decided to posses a potato.

And in my ultimate potato form, I did this mod.

So again, I'm not sure if you can use this mod.

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    Man, my character would look great with this