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  1. shadowwing2015
    • member
    • 210 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Do you think you'll ever do a tutorial on how you personally mod your game, similar to bevilex?
    1. Darigaz17
      • member
      • 2,227 posts
      • 161 kudos
      Hmm...probably not, for a few reasons:

      1- I have about less than a tenth of the graphical mods Bevi's and other tutorials use, my enb has not been released and I use only a tiny fraction of OR's shaders (water and shadows)
      2- I don't use "common sense" game stabilizer mods/functions such, as Streamline, omods, bashed patches, stuff to "correctly" organize the load order (I do it by hand), yet somehow my game is stupid stable, don't ask how...I dunno either xD
      3- My main focus are characters/clothing/armor/weapons and what I generally use can't either be linked here or is custom made (mash-ups/ports, etc...)

      ^ I can point more reasons, but these 3 should give you an idea, of why It will prob not happen.

      I can tell you however that outside of the character/outfit/pose stuff, my game runs on something like this:

      Natural Environments (tweaked to my liking)
      Softglow ENB (the enb I will eventually release)
      Oblivion Reloaded (just shadow & water shaders)
      A few HESU and UL location mods
      A few house mods, mostly from TES Diesel
      A few model/textures replacers, mostly from katkat, on top of Really Textured Normal Maps.

      And that's it.
  2. Crackomint
    • supporter
    • 500 posts
    • 10 kudos
    Really cool pose and scene! I love the outfit too, strikes a great balance between the rugged and stylish adventurer. :)
  3. jwoltz
    • member
    • 470 posts
    • 13 kudos
    Is the outfit she's wearing going to be available here on the nexus as a clothing mod? I want that for my character!
    1. Darigaz17
      • member
      • 2,227 posts
      • 161 kudos
      Yes, but definitely not here @ Nexus, when I upload it it will be on my tumblr page & the Drunken Crafters Inn deviant art group
    2. rakios
      • supporter
      • 1,284 posts
      • 31 kudos
      Can't wait