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Credit to Bevilex for the image !

This one is one of the most obscur village from Arthmoor's mod collection. I know really nothing about that one, but  the commentaries said to me is a part of a chain quest from Arthmoor's other villages. (Gottshaw) Also, i feel obligated to put that in my load order like the rest of his mod.He made this village because he saw Vergayun on an early bethesda's map. To be quick, it is just a town with a couple house and a tavern. The fishery seems to be backbone of its economy.

Currently, I know  there  is just one  conflict with Middland village or something like that. It is also a good mod and Mhann123 made a patch for both mod to work together.

 But, if you have a low pc, i recommand just one village mod at the same place, no more, Vergayun is the more elaborate of both.