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As usual credit to Bevilex for the image !

Hello, it is my third presentation of a village from Arthmoor's villages collection. 

Honestly i didn't have the time to fully test this mod. But it seems to have all Arthmoor's mods qualities. I remember i had fully tested Urasek and Feldscar.

First this mod is the respond from arthmoor to the deleted city of Sutch. This city was cutted in the early stage of oblivion's devloppement. Acccording to him the city was destroyed centuries ago. This village is a project of colonisation from the count of anvil to rebuild the settlement.

It contain two settlements and an estate. The first is the proper sutch village and the second a kind of pirate town. I didn't do a quest yet. But I know you will have to reconstruct fort Sutch. Also, the town contain an ebony mine.

For me, this mod is a must be like arthmoor others villages. 

Incompatible with wac esp.( gnoll camp)  Incompatible with mod who edit fort sutch.

Compatible with unique landscape with a patch.  Also, i recommand to use with ul because you will see the ruins of the previous town.

Also, this mod is the more reliable and recommanded Sutch's mod at this time. The others are mostly unfinished or immersion breaking.

Mhann123 had made a patch with impereal city of sutch also. But i don't recommand this mod because is mostly a ghost city with a couple npcs.


  1. jeffh1
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    Thank you for the info, but to which UL and which patch do you refer?
    1. marob307
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      Ul lost coast., you will find that on UL page.

      The patch work very well also.

      Ul compatibility page, you to check.

      But the wizzard will dectect the mod for you.
    2. jeffh1
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      Thank you.