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Elder Scrolls Online brought us some steps back to Oblivion. Obviously a MMO must focus on performance, means less quality. For example the animated ground mist in ESO is nothing special and the clipping at many places is really aweful; so aweful that I would never allow it in an own Oblivion plugin. But somehow it's interesting from a modders perspective .. if you don't take a special look at it you don't even notice it.


  1. Dennywood
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    Same in Skyrim, many textures hiden by the blur effect. But the worst in my opinion is for trees ant plants and for rocks too. There is less diversity in Skyrim than in oblivion. The problem is also the same in the Teso. I hope the next Tes will retrieve the Oblivion system for the game as for modders.
    Edit : the good news is that in Skyrim I run at 60 fps while in Oblivion run only at 12 to 20 fps, but anyway my char doens't feel it because he can walk and run as if it was at 60.
    1. RayTracer
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      That's because of your mods and game settings. Some things, like LODs, reflections in the water, "bad" scripts and improperly exported custom meshes can cause a HUGE performance drop. Even one script or "bad" mesh can halve your performance easily.

      Also some mods (like Better Cities for example) place too many objects in the world. And because TES4 engine does not have an invisible geometry culling algorithm (or it does not work), the game will render those objects even if they are invisible. This is where your performance loss is. And the higher your ugridstoload parameter, the more terrible performance you will have.
    2. Dennywood
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      How to fix all that except re-installation... and each time there is an error and the job mus be re-done again and again. Sometimes it's better to endure the slower thing.
  2. papp263
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  3. park9
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    Users will simply run by without paying attention if the effects look good. they will not say how cool this is, because this is now the norm. But if it looks like s***, they'll notice it right away.