The door closed with a soft tap as Galatia returned to the inn. Glancing around the Oak and Crosier, she found Bastion and Annabelle near the large hearth.
At least they listened to me, for now. She thought to her self walking from the entrance she crossed to the bar and motioned to the Khajiit behind the bar. "A mead and what plates do you have"
Raising a mug from behind the bar Talasma looked her in the eye. "The house special is a shepherd's pie made with fresh cuts of lamb. We also have mutton chops or a slow cooked hogget if that is more toward your favor."
Talasma filled the mug handing it to Galatia. "Hogget will do nicely with a side of greens," Galatia said before raising the mug. the color was almost a clear amber letting her see almost to the bottom of the mug. The sent of elder and honeysuckle greeted her nose as she took a sip.
Resting the mug on the counter she placed several Septum's on the counter. "I'll be in the corner with my brother"
"Always a pleasure" Talasma replied turning and going to a side door that lead to the kitchen.
As she approached Bastion and Annabelle stopped their conversation. "Sister," Bastion nodded to her.
Annabelle kept her gaze on Bastion ignoring Galatias approach.
"So, Are you going to tell us about the job?" Bastion asked leaning back in the chair. Galatia held back the temptation to tip him into the log pile.
"Two months ago I came into possession of a dead to a property west of Chorrol with a minor title attached to it. Its been in a low keep with just a skeleton staff and an hand full of Principes manning guard over the property." Galatia stated with a somber face.
"So mothers plan moves forward then," Bastion paused taking a sip from his mug. "This seems like something you'd ask Teter to do rather then us."
"If it was part of mothers plan she would have asked him." Annabelle said with a knowing smile.
"Your doing this on your own?" Bastion looked shocked.He had never known Galatia do do any thing that might have fallen out of line with their mothers plans to move out of the common folk and into the upper echelons of society.
Galatia raised a hand to her breast, "Mothers plan relied on the family playing their parts. That's a little hard to do with you and Mellow going your own ways."
Galatia let that statement sink in before continuing. "I am moving the plan forward with my own modifications."
She let this hang over the table while finding an empty chair.
"I need the two of you to help me. To bring the estate back up to a standard that the council will approve of the efforts and award me the title Viscountess of Battlehorn."

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