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Tried to create a new character to add some variety, but got frustrated since my character creation skills are rusty at best. So,... back to Aianor...

The outfit is Darigaz' awesome DMZ Archmagus Robes (well, almost), but I figure you probably know that already from the various other recently uploaded screenshots xD

Also,... will release my DMZ SI Armors possibly later today or tomorrow, as soon as I stop procrastinating and tinkering with other stuff


  1. 1234snob
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    Uuuuuuum How did u get that fire
    1. VortexZz
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      The pose is from one of the NaRae Pose mods, not sure if 1 or 2, the fire is just the corresponding AnimObject, although I made the greenish texture. Normally it's blue, I think.