Where is the limit a human mind can endure?
Where is the point you stop thinking thereafter?

When does a life end and surviving starts?

Countless times I wanted to run, but there was only nothing to run into.

A wise man once said "It didn’t matter if you were fleeing from or to, so long as you were fleeing. It was flight alone that counted. I run, therefore I am; more correctly, I run, therefore with any luck I’ll still be."

But suddenly the 'where' counts, when there is no 'where', just screams, dead and despair.
Monsters, zombies, ghosts and worse. Stair, endless...

And for what did I endure this nothing? For nothing at all. It's neither power, nor money nor luck, that keeps you alive. It's patience, strategy and sometimes a little help from a friend.
Ashen didn't wait for help, had no patience and she paid the price.
I was not willing to do so.
I - or what is left of me - am still alive. A half-dead halfwit at the moment, but better than being nothing.

It's cold up here in the Jerall Mountains, but I think I've spotted some kind of ruin to warm up and find shelter in.
I might even dare to try and sleep, I'm tired as hell and could fall over any second, but when I do I'm there again...

The Story of Aramir Uriel Antryvian
Prelude: About Time
1. White Gold and Red
2. Close to my goal
3. I had no idea
4. May the Nine guide me
5. On the top
6. Dawn
7. To touch the clouds
8. Imperial justice
9. A Nightmare to Remember
10. Decicions to be made (contains minor spoilers: "The Order of the Dragon")
11. Ante Portas (Contains minor spoilers: Gates to Aesgaard 1)
12. Abyssos (Contains minor spoilers: Gates to Aesgaard 1)

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