Keeping secrets from my teacher & partner would be counterproductive. Even when they are painful ones.

I have none of my people's tattoos because I wanted to be a healer, not an assassin. I have not taken the oaths & initiations to learn their secrets or advanced training. I have only their basic training and the reflexes and abilities of my race. I am an outcast & suspect to everyone. Some because of my race, & to my people because of my choices. Only Mau & Prajiit have befriended me.

I consider my choices very carefully & will do what seems the most ethical and honorable according to my own judgement at whatever the cost. That is who I am. It is who I must be. I hope that it will not disqualify me from your partnership, but you have a right to know all of this. I do not want to begin under false pretenses with anyone, & especially not with you.

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