Last picture from testing hall, i swear upon my honour. I really like the light shining on her hair...

That said, let's make this usefull : a good nice review of our dear kitsune.


Name : Kagemi, but she never reveals her name to strangers. People simply call her the "onna-bugeisha" ( that is the term used for female samurai).

Race : Silver kitsune, a race more linked to the gods than to mortal creatures.

Peculiar traits : long silver hair ; a cute, bushy tail (but know that if you tell her that she will bite you...hard!) ; feral and menacing eyes that know kindness but rarely show it.

Other info :

She could be shy, or maybe she doesn't like people...that said, she usually roam the wilderness, minding her own buisness. And helping people, we might add.

Being curious as a cat (again, never tell her this or she will bite you. She likes biting things...maybe because she i a predator, or maybe because she is simply a strange girl. Who knows?) she always find troubles.

She loves shiny things. She goes treasure hunting only to obtain shiny items to add to her collection. Almost like a dragon, her nest is full of gold and precious items...that shine obviously.
Where is her nest, you may ask : nobody knows, but probably it is far away in the mountains. She loves snow and freezing temperature.

She hate summer and hot days in general. In these days if you take a walk in the woods you may find her : almost naked, sprawled under a tree and with her tongue out, panting. Yes, like cats during hot days in summer.

She has a strong belief in honor and justice : she protect the land from evil and is a mortal enemy of vampires and undead creatures. Oh, and she detest mudcrabs. She litterally goes nuts when she sees them.


So, how does she fights? Our kitsune Kagemi has 2 cursed katanas and usually wears light armours. Very light armours.

Strong points : she is fast, very fast. Combined with the mastery of her twin swords, she is surely deadly.

Weak points : she is not strong. That means not only that she can't wear heavy armors, but also that against strong opponents she is likely to be in a hard situation. If a few hit lands on her, she will probably be ko.

That said, she is the kind of warrior who will lose a fight if the battle last more than 5 minutes.


Other things to notice :

She is addicted to mushrooms.

When she was younger she was...more wild than now. She used to run around naked in the woods and mountains. She stopped that bad habit after being forced to hide in a cave for almost a week. Bad people seemed to have taken a not so much innocent interest in her.

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