Kittie: There's Mellow,
Annabella: About time, I wonder why her and Amgel wanted us to meet them up here.
Annabella: I know that look, What is it Kittie.
Kittie: Well I don't think that's Mellow. It looks like her, But it didn't look like her.
Annabella: That sounds crazy.
Angel: What sounds crazy.
Kittie: Angel?
Annabella: How did you do that?
Mellow: Do what
Kittie: How are you standing over there and right here at the same time!

Honest I wanted to post this in 3360x2100pxl so you could seen the ful details of the image captures. But there is that size limit here for postings.

P.S. That's not a clone, duplication spell or evil doppelganger. I'm saving those ideas for when the well runs dry and I cant think of any story idea's

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