I said in my last shot that I wanted to take a group shot of my characters with their different guard armours swapped (Really just an excuse to see what Cris looks like with Kvatch guard armour on) so here it is. I'm only uploading this now because I'm not going to be uploading anything tomorrow (I work on a 5 days a week sort of thing so if I upload something 7 days a week one week, expect less uploads the next week) so I'll not upload anything tomorrow or over the weekend (think of it as a sort of mini break.)

Anyway this shot, I kinda fumbled Shadow's positioning which is why she's facing the way she is (if I had the groovatron that wouldn't be a problem) it looked fine when I took the shot and I really can't be arsed going through the hassle of getting 3 CM partner's to behave long enough to get another one set up (I do use the TAI and setrestrained commands) so this'll have to do.

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Uploaded by Kpnut at 20:37, 17 Oct 2013


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