Well I think I can safely say my break is over, I think, due to those fucking idea ninjas pestering me (damn you idea ninjas *shakesfistangrily*.) So yeah, this shot it's Cris's newest Chorrol Guard armour.

I really have nothing else to say (other then ranting and raving about the idea ninjas but that's nothing special) and to thank Darigaz for sending me the original mashup for this armour (which used the Skingrad colours and symbol, I just changed it a bit to fit Cris.)

There is a second version of this shot but I'll hold off on uploading it since I plan on uploading an image of Shadow.

I've also been playing Saints Row IV which has taken up a lot of my gaming time which will hold off the tide of screenshots.

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Uploaded by Kpnut at 19:19, 19 Sep 2013


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