Miranda managed to jump over the ship on fire and rejoined her canoe. Back to the old mill, another died raven was lying on the doorstep with a note attached to his leg. She took the essage and entered the mill. The box containing the Morano's goods had vanished.

'' Third Morano's message. Your brother has been waiting for you all night in vain. He seemed disappointed and angry at the same time. He wants you to go to the Mouth of the Panther. At midnight exactly, take the portal located in the hold of the wreck. That is important that you come alone. In a bag of grain near the entrance of the mill, you will find an enchanted sword and a spell to teleport. Do not bring anything else, it would be superfluous.''

Miranda washed, cleaned her clothes and took a short rest. Suddenly, a loud noise spread on the walls. She painfully opened her eyes and then saw all the objects and furniture crashing the ones on others. She felt the presence of Morano with all the anger which was legendary in his lifetime during his period of strong necromancy. Then, in a great silence, all objects returned to their original position as if nothing happened.

Determined but invaded by a strange fear, she went ahead on the site of the wreck. Along the way, she met the mysterious ghost of a man scanning the horizon in silence. As fear seized her, she
slipped between shrubs, preventing to be seen, and continued until the wreck. Luckily, the smell of smoke persisting on her clothes made that the beasts she met along her way took flee.

Once at destination, she easily reached the lower hold. After a careful inspection, panic seized her, she could not find the portal which mentioned in the message. Then, a door opened slowly while a bright glow emanated from it. She stepped forward and found herself face to face with a chained skeleton.

- You have two minutes to make your mind, no more. I am the gate, threw the skeleton a horrible guttural voice.

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