What is weddingo anyway?

From Wikipedia:
It is thought of variously as a notorious cannibalistic spirit that could possess humans or a monster that humans could physically transform into. Those who indulged in cannibalism were at particular risk, and the legend appears to have reinforced this practice as a taboo.
It's also that thing you do typically in spring, with rings and veils, and a number of men in black suits. And with spring flowers of course.

Allright, I won't torment you further with images of spring, because enough is enough, you'll run out of ecstatic words, and I just can't look anyore at pear flowers myself. Besides, there's actually nothing new in this one, so you can simply skip my blossom and proceed to those other fascinating images with bosom instead.

I'm sorry I haven't been replying to any posts for a couple of days, but I've been busie than usual. I'll get back to thank you all very soon :)

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