Knightly Armory Patch (the mod Knightly Armory from Phitt is needed!) gives the Imperial Guards medieval armor.

If you prefer to play a more medieval style Oblivion, perhaps you would
like to use this patch to give the Roman looking Imperial guards the
right armor. This is only for the guards in the Imperial City. The
guards in other cities remain the same as they already look good to me.
Also the guards patrolling through Cyrodiil look like reall knights.
I also included a few npc's with knightly armor you can recruit if you
use the mods to recruit npc's.On top of that I added three meshes of
cuirasses for the ladies.

Have fun.

And thank you Phitt for giving me permission to do this.

This patch contains three meshes of cuirasses for the ladies, plus it contains the esp which will replace the original one.

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