Since this officially marks my 1000th screenshot in the regular TES image share, I thought I'd re-do the equipment of one of my favorite characters from looong ago - Ljus :)

But have some music first. For some reason my mediaplayer kept re-shuffling to this piece - and it fits, because Ljus always kind of brings out the epic/sappy feelings in me, with her being all nordic myth - inspired and all. *happy sigh*


Here are two of my favorite Ljus - screenics I took over the years. Just so you know which character I am talking about :)


As you can see, I always connect the colour blue and stars with Ljus :) Her element is ice, which you can also find on her new armor (there are patches of ice texture on her shoulder guards, the boots, etc) and of corse on her weapon.
Just like the armor (which is based on Darigaz17's beautiful Sovngarde's Plate), her weapon, the spear Götterfunke ("divine skark"...*handwaves translation*) got a total texture makeover, good God. I made a brand new metal texture for it to go with the armor. THAT took longer than the armor. Also: Cutting out those swirls with the MOUSE to place the ice texture underneath was a pain. But well worth it :D Next stop: making her a wig that goes with a helmet without looking ridiculous. Also: snow/ice jewelery. And a horse! YESSIR.

So why am I doing all this? Well, I am planning to release CM partners in the near future - and aside from Esme, there will also be CM Ljuuuuus <3
She's a "standard" Lop Elf, so nothing fancy, but I love her a lot ^_^

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