The publishing date is yet unknown, but it shouldn't take long :)
Hell, I forgot how frustrating Blender is when you forget (or didn't know) even the basics, and how rewarding and fun once you remember or learn them. Nifskope is another dark corner I'm exploring at the moment.

I know some of you will just laugh at it because you can produce five books like this in an hour, but for me it was a whole journey on which a few times I had to throw everything away and start again (sometimes even unnecessarily, as it turned out later...). So I'm pretty happy and just wanted to share with you the result of tonight's effort. I'll add a few things (normal map, a few details, and some Nifskope magic) but at least LordGermanicus book has moved from the stage of written word and a 2D concept to a 3D object.

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