Ehehe. GOOD GOD, this wig mod expansion is getting out of hand. I am thinking about finishing the thing this weekend, so I really HOPE my muse shuts up sometime soon instead of demanding "ADD THIS HAIR AND THAT ONE AND OOOH SHINYY"... v_V

So, what do we have here? From left to right *cracks knuckles*

Newsea Ulala Miku
As the name suggests, a mash-up of the Newsea Hairs Ulala and Miku that I made. I shamelessly stole the idea from a sims3 ingame pic I saw forever ago. So whoever you are you genius person, I loved the idea :D
Means: I cut off the pompoms from her head and attached braids instead. Huzzah.

Newsea Skyscraper
Old wig is old. Once upon a time I converted this for Fairy-Vivio. Rarely used it ingame XDD Now with fixed alpha map and snazzy new textures by yours truly. Go me!

Even moar braids

I forgot where this hair is even from. Newsea? Peggy? No idea. Anyways, I have a soft spot in my heart for braided hair, so here you go. High poly hair is high poly. Damn Nif file is almost 3mb. The heck.

Finally XDD I cut of that whispy strand of hair over the shoulder and retextured the thing. Still for some reason whenever I see an ingame character with thish air, my brain goes "HARPER 8D !!" I mean even this Nifskope model character looks like her with this hair. If you squint.

P.S.: What is Harper's hair even called? Where is it from? Is it Peggy? Does it have an official name that I should know about? XD

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